I Speak English, Animal House, Caddyshack, Smoky and The Bandit and The Occasional Hank Moody

That’s right…I have many languages. I love movie quotes, its fun to imput them into everyday conversations. I love when someone isn’t expecting it and you answer with a question with a movie quote. Sometimes they get it, sometimes they just look at you funny…that makes me laugh even more. I think  that’s a sign of a great movie.. a classic…when the quote becomes everyday talk. When you say it without knowing or don’t having to think about it.

The other day I stopped in at my mom’s and she said…glad you could come…me…cut the crap and give me a drink (Animal House). She…you want anything to eat…me…give me a Diablo Sandwich and a Dr. Pepper and make it quick, I’m in a god-damned hurry. (Smokey and The Bandit)

To my favorite Bartender…Ed…everytime he gives me another beer…Thank you Sir, may I have another (Animal House)

This summer I was at my Grama’s house and she asked me if I wanted something to drink…me…How about a Fresca…(Caddyshack)

Talking to my brother-in-law about his new boat…me…my dingy is bigger than your whole boat (Caddyshack) Cut the crap give me a drink (Animal House)…love it when I can work two lines in at the same time 🙂

My Step-Mom asking me how my party went last night…me…Its not that we took a few liberties with some of our female guests…we did! (Animal House)

A friend of mines wife trying to hook me up with her girlfriend…me…I would be willing to trade good looks for a certain morally-casual attitude (Animal House)

When someone…anyone, anyone…Bueller, anyone 🙂 ask me if I have a pool…me..pool and a pond…pond be good for you (Caddyshack)

Whatever your favorite movie, I’m sure there are movie quotes that live on…here are a few more that just make me laugh every time I hear them…

Not you Fat Jesus




You can’t snort coke off a hookers ass and not wonder about her hopes and dreams


And over here we have Clayton, Sydney, Jugdish, Mohammet, and Lonny

The God Damn German’s got nothing to do with it

Last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it

So I got that going for me…and that’s nice

You looking for a Dick Punch

Sweet Baby Jesus Hanks going to hell


When you buy a hat like that, it should come with a free bowl of soup

Seven years of college down the drain, I might as well join the fucking peace corps




Here are some Famous movie quotes that are used in everyday life;

The Godfather; I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse; It’s nothing personal. Strictly business; Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer; Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

I’ll be back. – The Terminator

You can’t handle the truth! – A Few Good Men

Here’s Johnny! – The Shining

But why is the rum gone? – Pirates of the Carribean

If I’m not back in five minutes, just wait longer! – Ace Ventura

This could go on and on…whats Your favorite quote


By Tim

2 comments on “I Speak English, Animal House, Caddyshack, Smoky and The Bandit and The Occasional Hank Moody

  1. “It is the fool who fails to return to the place of his last happiness.” -October Road

    “La hoo sa her.” -Ace Ventura

    “Snoop a Loop, bring your green hat!” -Old School

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