I Like The Fair Time Of Year

its that time of year again!

Thoughts From The Tragically Flawed Mind Of Tim

I like this time of year….It’s cooler during the day but still warm enough to wear shorts and flip-flops. It’s still warm enough to do all the summer things…boating cookouts etc. The nights are cooler and you can sleep with your windows open or wear a hoodie with your shorts. It’s also Fair time. Sandusky County Fair that is.

I love the fair. It’s almost like a class reunion. You see all your friends from school that you don’t get to see often. My friend Kirk and his brothers always do a Chicken BBQ (sadly not this year though). They always did this on Friday night of the fair…friends would come to the fair just for this occasion to see each other. It was a gathering of lately young and old (we’re getting older). A place were conversations range from high school football, nascar and who’s winning at the local…

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By Tim