Vintage Cafe Racers

I’m becoming obsessed with wanting an early 70’s Honda 350/360 Cafe Racer….My ideal one would look like this;

I’m not sure why….I think they look cool and for some reason I think I can build one. Either way it would keep me busy. To top it iff though….someone in my neighborhood has been driving past my house with one….not a racer but a scrambler (the sister bike)

It’s not hard to make a Cafe Racer out of this bike….Scrambler. It is virtually the same bike with a few modifications. Drop down handle bars, change the mirrors and add a cafe seat, and reposition the break and shifter on both sides back.

I’ve talked myself into believing I can do it. I’m sure I’d have fun building one… So if you see one that’s intact and the motor turns over….let me know