Walk Into a Bar and Yell “Tim Sent Me”

Walk Into a Bar and Yell “Tim Sent Me”


If you walk into a bar with me or not on any given night in any given time zone and in any give year of my life… here’s my list of best bars I’ve ever visited in my lifetime…past or present.

First I must preference this by stating why these bars made this list. I’ve either had the time of my life, gotten so drunk I can’t remember having the time of my life …only to be told of it later, met the time of my life… you know what I mean 😉 spent time with a brother, or just felt at home.


The Clyde Piper (The Piper), Clyde Oh

The Depot, Fremont Oh

Time Out Sports Bar, Fremont Oh

Pub 400, Fremont Oh

Bud’s Bar, Fremont Oh

Little Bar on the Prairie, Fremont Oh

Shellukes Bar, Fremont Oh

Butch McGuire’s, Chicago IL

The Hangge Uppe, Chicago IL

The Hutt, Treasure Island Fl

McFadden’s, Chicago IL

Goodies Tavern, San Clemente CA

McCabe’s Beach Club, Oceanside CA

McCarthy’s Pub, Santa Barbara CA

The Red Onion, Mission Beach CA

Balloons, Palm Springs CA

The Jumping Cholla, 29 Palms CA

The Stumps, 29 Palms CA

The Trac Bar, Ollongapo Phippines

Tilly’s , Tijuana Mexico

The Texas, Henoko Okinawa

Dublin’s Bar and Grille, Chicago IL

Sunset Grill, St Augustine FL

The Croghan Street Yacht Club, Fremont Oh … How could I not include

Well I’m sure I left some off the list… mainly because I was having such a great time and no one has come clean with me yet. Or, maybe its just because my ass can’t remember that stuff… or maybe I just killed those brain cells last night. Either way if you find yourself in one of those towns… Stop in and say Tim sent you… They’ll probably remember me. Note; if they throw you out with… sorry and if they hand you a bill…sorry. You just might get a free beer too 🙂 They might even say “Who!!!”


Disclaimer… Some of these bars may no longer exist and some may have never existed… I can’t remember!!!



By Tim