My Google Earth Vacation To My Three Favorite Carl’s Jr’s

If you don’t know already…I love Carl’s Jr, especially¬† for breakfast. They make the Fully Loaded Breakfast Burrito…a 2lb (feels like it) burrito filled with egg, cheese, sausage, hash-browns and fresh pico de gallo

This particular Fully Loaded Breakfast Burrito was purchased at my favorite Carl’s Jr located in San Clemente, CA near the entrance to the Trestle Surf Break.

So in honor of Carl’s Jr…I give you in order by Google Earth Vacation Favorite Carl’s Jr’s;

Near the path to Trestles

Dana Point near Doheny (DoHo) Surf Break

Next to I-5 between San Clemente and Dana Point (my first Carl’s Jr)

There you have it. The next time you are fortunate enough to see a Carl’s Jr…We don’t have them in Ohio….Just Hardees…I know they are the same company…NOT THE SAME!!!!! Stop in and tell them Hi for me.


The Art Of The Humble Brag

The Humble Brag by definition is simply this; A form self promotion where the promoter is, almost simultaneously, bragging about himself in the context of a humble statement or complaint. An example of this would be;

I love your new Chevy. I wish I could have a new car, maybe after I get done paying off my new boat.

For those of us that bares witness to this auspicious behavior, the definition is simply this…..ASSHOLE! Unless by occasion you are trying to apply the “Art” of the “Humble Brag” then of course its funny! Now if you are trying to apply this form of art, part of the task is getting the other person to know what you’re doing and truly appreciate what it takes to purposely work this art form into the conversation of everyday life. It’s just not fun if the other person thinks “you’re the asshole!

The Humble Brag can be a fun game to help you pass the day, if done correctly. So I thought I’d give you some more examples of just how this works.

Just like “ribbing” or “joking” with your buddy, the humble brag is used in the same manner. You may want to make fun of the fact that your friend couldn’t go to the big game last night , so you might say this;

Man my shoulder still hurts from that football player running into me while I was on the sideline at the game last night.

The “humility” of the statement is the fact that he got hurt. The “Brag” is the fact that he got to stand on the sideline. Be careful though, your buddy might respond with;

I had a bad steak last night, your wife is a terrible cook

What I did there is two things….the “Humble Brag” and got a little payback with some “Ribbing”…Always good to get some payback ūüôā I was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about the band Coldplay.¬† Then they started talking about a “Tweet” of¬† Gwyneth Paltrow….by the way….Gwyneth Paltrow….HOT!!!

Her “Tweet” was this;

Who do I have to bang around here to get a copy of the new Coldplay album

If you don’t know this, Gwyneth Paltrow is married to the lead singer of Coldplay. I say to Gwyneth Paltrow….Good Humble Brag!

So the next time you get bored and you want to stray from everyday life, do something different ….Try the “Humble Brag”….just don’t be an ASSHOLE!


Vintage Cafe Racers

I’m becoming obsessed with wanting an early 70’s Honda 350/360 Cafe Racer….My ideal one would look like this;

I’m not sure why….I think they look cool and for some reason I think I can build one. Either way it would keep me busy. To top it iff though….someone in my neighborhood has been driving past my house with one….not a racer but a scrambler (the sister bike)

It’s not hard to make a Cafe Racer out of this bike….Scrambler. It is virtually the same bike with a few modifications. Drop down handle bars, change the mirrors and add a cafe seat, and reposition the break and shifter on both sides back.

I’ve talked myself into believing I can do it. I’m sure I’d have fun building one… So if you see one that’s intact and the motor turns over….let me know



My New Definition Of Beautiful!

That’s right…I watched another movie and fell in love. I’m not sure why I liked this movie…its not the kind of movie I usually watch. Maybe I watched it because the people in my office talked about it maybe I was curious. What I found was the more I watched the more I couldn’t turn away. The mystery did draw me in but it was her that kept me watching.¬†She drew me in and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. The movie was pretty bad in spots, but the way she fault back her determination drive conviction for¬†being¬†who she is….her eyes!

How can the person above be the same as the two below? My friend Dave Foos would say”Conditioning”

I had an alternative name for this post…I thought about;

I Got A Tattoo Kicked The Nest And Played With Fire 

¬†Either way…can’t wait for the rest!


30 Spectators 4 Teams 3 Office Chairs….Success!

That’s right! we only had 3 race chairs but the 1st Un-Official Fremont 4th of July Downhill Office Chair Race was a Success!!!!

The morning started off like any other…with my alarm going off. This was not going to be like any other day though. The¬†forecast¬†according to Danny DeMoss (from here on referred to Double D or simply DD), HOT!!! with temperatures reaching into the mid 90’s by lunch. Race time forecast…DD…HOT! 80¬†degrees and humid. I start my day off with a protein shake bottle of water and 4¬†Ibuprofen…to calm the hang-over from the night before. I shower dress and load my Nate Brahier 797 Franks Kraut Depot Pizza Razor Executive Office Chair Racer into the Official Transportation Vehicle. Then the waiting begins…so does the pre-race butterflies…is my race chair good enough will it work will it crash will I get hurt…is anyone gonna show up!

9:00 comes 1 hour til race time….people start to show up at the CSYC. Its Bloody Mary time.

One Bloody Mary two Bloody Mary Whoooooh!!!! 9:45 we head over to Memorial Parkway for the start. We park and I walk to the start line, I am¬†surprised that someone had decorated the course with American Flags just for us! The other surprise is…there were people…lots of them. I was taken back to a time when I heard….Build it they will come….they did.

People came dressed in their 4th of July best, they brought families lawn chairs cameras and Bloody Mary’s…DD.

The came by car they came by foot they came by motorcycle and they came by bike. They cheered jeered and laughed. They along with me were surprised at the turnout. It was a somewhat unorganized mess of mayhem.

As it turned out, the day was filled full of fun entertainment and excitement. No injuries have been reported to the race committee..except a few scratches (me). All in all it was a Success!!!!

Watch the Official videos filmed by the Official Videotographer ¬†of the¬†Inaugural Fremont 4th of July Office Chair Race….Mr. Douglas Ash;

1st Race;

2nd Race

3rd and Final Race

And the winners are;

To see all photos from the Inaugural Fremont 4th of July Office Chair Race click this link;

I only hope that our Brethren; San Clemente Office Chair Downhill Race West AKA The Half Mile of Horror had as much fun!

 Until next year my friends fans and one night stands, live free drink plenty and have fun!


Update: 1st Ever Fremont 4th of July Downhill Office Chair Races

Well we are one day away and the excitement is building. I don’t know how many people will be racing…4-6 maybe more…I myself can’t wait. It’s as if I am acting like a child filled with giddy and joy. Who knows why I’m acting this way…maybe because I am a¬†man-child¬†or maybe I’m just looking for some¬†excitement¬†out of the ordinary…maybe I’m¬†fulfilling¬†my childhood dream of being a¬†race-car driver…<<<its just I’m looking to have fun…and make other people have fun too…thats all.

The Nate Brahier 797 Franks Kraut Depot Pizza Razor Executive Chair

Anyway…I’ve built my office chair racer according to the rules (more like guidelines than rules) and I’m going to roll it to the top of the hill on Memorial Parkway at 10am tomorrow (4th of July) morning…after a few Bloody Mary’s at the CSYC…don my German replica Punisher sticker’d non-DOT with chin strap helmet and take my chances with gravity. My hope is that …well I make it to the bottom…but 2nd that somehow for at least a while we (I) entertain myself and those who show up to see this¬†spectacle of mass¬†hysteria….or¬†embarrassment.

To those of you who participate and to all who show up to watch…I thank you. Hopefully this will be fun enough to carry on the tradition next year. I’ll be at the CSYC getting ready in the morning…stop by for a Bloody and come watch.

July 4th 10am Memorial Parkway (next to hospital) and take pictures…we might need it to remember!



Drink A Double – The Art Of A Drinking Game

Drinking Game…According to Wikipedia;¬†Drinking games¬†are¬†games¬†which involve the consumption of¬†alcoholic beverages. These games vary widely in scope and complexity, although the purpose of most is to become¬†intoxicated¬†as quickly as possible. Evidence of the existence of drinking games dates back to¬†antiquity.

Drinking games fall into 1 of 8 categories;



Competitive Skill


Card & Dice



Sporting Event

Although I agree with the¬†categories¬†above, I believe they are all just sub-categories¬†of the first….Endurance because without the endurance…you won’t know the others.

One would argue that drinking games are for young college students in¬†fraternities. I would argue this difference; Drinking games are for anyone who likes to have fun. They’re for anyone who wants merely to carry on a tradition. They are for¬†the¬†competitive mind…and they’re for anyone who just wants to drink with a friend.

So if you want to play a good drinking game, stop by the Croghan Street Yacht Club (CSYC for short) watch as a deck falls from the sky.


The name of the game…..Deal’ems


Because Of My Dad

I got this idea from another blog I started following

Because of my Dad I;

Like to work on my own cars

 know right from left and which way to turn the wrench

was able to mow my yard for several years

can see in the dark (free flashlights)

like corvettes

like the ocean

sometimes speak with a southern accent

know how to use a sling-shot

know how to shoot a gun

love westerns

drink beer

have an extended family

am strong

am strong-willed

love the mountains

know how to play poker

know how to body surf (which lead to learning how to surf)

know how to swim (and hold my breath)

know how to ride a bike

like to lend a hand or help a friend

learned to play baseball/softball

like to teach

will never need an electrician, plumber, carpenter

know to take a family vacation

learned to be adventurous

Because of my Dad, I’ve learned a lot…much more than I can state here. But of all the things I learned from my Dad, I’ve learned to be proud. I’ve learned that you can’t have too many friends and to have fun in everything you do. And most of all… help when you can and even when you can’t.

Because of you Dad…I am a better Man


Take A Bullet For The President And Get Your Hooker Too!

I think those Secret Service guys can cross one of those things off their lists. I was thinking this might be a good time to talk about my Bucket List. I’ve always said that I’ve already done more things than any person should or could do; either by chance or just being in the right place at the right time or just because I was in the Marine Corps.¬†I’ve done the¬†weird the¬†bazaar and the crazy….and¬†that’s¬†just the women.¬†I’ve traveled the world and seen and have done more things than you can imagine, but there’s still a lot of things I’ve not done that I could do.

So here you go…things I still want to accomplish¬†before I check out! (this list is growing);

1 Experience Midnight Sun and Polar Night (Alaska)

2 See Pucksatawny Phil on Groundhogs Day

3 St. Patty’s Day in Savannah, Ga

4 St. Patty’s Day Chicago

5 Go to The Burning Man

6 Kentucky Derby

7 Marti Gras

8 Fly a plane (take off and land)

9 Surf Pipe

10 Live on a Boat

11 Explore an abandon mine in California Desert

12 Do something important

13 Visit the Devil’s Tower in Wyoming

14 Travel Rt 66 start to finish then run into the Ocean

15 Hike or Bike on the Continental Divide

16 Ride a Zip Line

17 Raft/Kayak down the Colorado River

18 Hike down the Grand Canyon

19 Drive a golf ball across the Grand Canyon

20 Drive a golf ball in every state (more than half way complete)

21 Live on a Tropical Island

22 Score a goal in a Hockey Rink

23 BASE Jump

24 Watch a game at Fenway Park

25 Go to the Bermuda Triangle

26 Sail the Pacific

27 Discover an Island

28 Camp in the Wilderness

29 Uncover a Conspiracy

30 See Hoover Dam

31 Go through the Panama Canal

32 Drive in the Baja 1000

33 Chase a Tornado

34 Visit Iwo Jima

35 Stand on 4 Corners Point (then do #20)

36 Visit NORAD

37 Visit Mt. Rushmore and find secret room

39 Own a Harley Davidson use to complete #14

40 Sneak onto Area 51

41 Tip a Cow

42 Catch a Big Fish

43 Save a Life

44 Make Wine

 45 Reunion with all my Marine Corps Brothers

46 See an Iceberg

47 Ride a Horse really fast

48 Visit the Marshall Memorial

49 See the Sun Rise at Light House, West Couddy, Maine (1st place to see the sun rise in Continental US)

50 Give someone enough money to change their life


As you may tell from my list…or if you know me….I am somewhat adventurous and I can see myself completing most of these…. Ether way I still plan on having a great time trying.

What will you do?


The “Lite” Light

The¬†subtle ceremony that marks the¬†beginning¬†of a night of fun laughter and friendship is a tradition born a few years ago while looking for the proper place to hang the Miller Lite sign. In keeping with the finest tradition of the old “Bud Light” sign in the window of the old Maple St. Apartment in Clyde, Oh….There was only one place it could hang….the window….Thus “Lite On” meant we’re here, stop in for a moment a while or a night!

Just like the beacon of a lighthouse on a storm-swept coast welcoming ships and sailors home from a long trip, so does the “Lite” light at the Croghan Street Yacht Club welcome our friends home from a long weary day at work. This summer marks the 3rd that the Lite burns bright. The Lite light can be seen just beyond the corner of Croghan Street on Wilson… you pass the yellow house, peer off to the right and look through the bushes…you’ll see her…guiding you in.

Although the best night to see this spectacular shining beacon of joy is Friday night, it has been known to shine throughout the week the day and the¬†occasional Sunday morning. If such a moment occurs that the Lite light is not shining bright when you come to call…turn it on for all to see. If I’m home…I’ll come out and have a drink talk a while share a story tell a lie deal a card. If no one comes out…stay awhile keep the Lite shining and see the miracle of the ¬†Lite at the CSYC. People will come. They’ll come to the CSYC for reasons they can’t even fathom. They’ll turn into the driveway not knowing for sure why they’re doing it. They’ll arrive at your door as innocent as children, longing for a good time. Of course, we won’t mind if you look around, you’ll say. If you have the time and they do have the time its a good time they lack. And they’ll walk in to the bar; sit in shirtsleeves on a perfect afternoon. They’ll find they have reserved seats somewhere along the bar or in a lawn chair. And they’ll watch a ¬†game on the TV and it’ll be as if they dipped themselves in magic waters. The smiles will be so thick they’ll have to brush them away from their faces. People will come. The one constant through all the years (the last 3 years), ¬†has been the CSYC. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But The CSYC has marked the time. This bar, this “Lite: it’s a part of our past. It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again. Oh… people will come. People will most definitely come.¬†(Now repeat this last paragraph in your “James Earl Ray” voice…its funny ūüôā

So if you find yourself driving down Wilson or Croghan St coming home from work the store the bar or where ever your travels have taken you, don’t resist the¬†yearning to come into the “Lite”…. Additional parking to the rear!