My New Definition Of Beautiful!

That’s right…I watched another movie and fell in love. I’m not sure why I liked this movie…its not the kind of movie I usually watch. Maybe I watched it because the people in my office talked about it maybe I was curious. What I found was the more I watched the more I couldn’t turn away. The mystery did draw me in but it was her that kept me watching. She drew me in and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. The movie was pretty bad in spots, but the way she fault back her determination drive conviction for being who she is….her eyes!

How can the person above be the same as the two below? My friend Dave Foos would say”Conditioning”

I had an alternative name for this post…I thought about;

I Got A Tattoo Kicked The Nest And Played With Fire 

 Either way…can’t wait for the rest!