Call Me Hank

Another satirical look at my life;

People are always telling me that watching Californication is like watching a day n the life of me. I would not agree, but it got me thinking. How am I like Hank Moody. Well aside from the obvious…our good looking and charming ways 🙂 I thought I’d try to come up with why I would think you think this;

Hank is a writer….I attempt to write a Blog

Hank lives in Venice Beach, California….I love Venice Beach, California…been there many times

Hank wears all Black….I’ve dated a Black Girl once 🙂

Hank drives a black Porsche…..I drive…well a black GMC Envoy…I know that’s a stretch

In season 4 Hank lives at the Chat Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood….I’ve stayed at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood

Hank wrote a book called “Fucking and Punching”…I’ve been Punched

Hank has a daughter that loves/hates him….I have two daughters that love/hate me

Hank has a daughter that acts more grown up than he….I have two daughters that act more grown up than him…me 🙂

Hank finds himself alone with memories of what could have been…I too find myself this way

Hank has a friend named Runkle….I have a friend named Foosy and Lee and….either way they are always there for us

Hank has a love of women and drink…I too have the same loves

Hank drinks to forget those women….me too 🙂

Hank slept with a girl named “Surfer Girl”…I’ve slept with a lot of girls that surf 🙂

Hank said “I will not go down in history, but I will go down on your little sister”…..I did! just kidding but it sounded funny

Hank is in love with Karen….I am in love with you!

How are you like Hank?


By Tim

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