Because Of My Dad

I got this idea from another blog I started following

Because of my Dad I;

Like to work on my own cars

 know right from left and which way to turn the wrench

was able to mow my yard for several years

can see in the dark (free flashlights)

like corvettes

like the ocean

sometimes speak with a southern accent

know how to use a sling-shot

know how to shoot a gun

love westerns

drink beer

have an extended family

am strong

am strong-willed

love the mountains

know how to play poker

know how to body surf (which lead to learning how to surf)

know how to swim (and hold my breath)

know how to ride a bike

like to lend a hand or help a friend

learned to play baseball/softball

like to teach

will never need an electrician, plumber, carpenter

know to take a family vacation

learned to be adventurous

Because of my Dad, I’ve learned a lot…much more than I can state here. But of all the things I learned from my Dad, I’ve learned to be proud. I’ve learned that you can’t have too many friends and to have fun in everything you do. And most of all… help when you can and even when you can’t.

Because of you Dad…I am a better Man