Wow…. I havent done this in so long im nit sure i know how… what inspired this bababling wreck of penmanship is somewhat of my lifes experiences and a couple of events of the last few days.

I joined the Marine Corps the summer between my junior and senior year in hugh school but it wasnt until about a week or two into boot camp when i think I fell completely in love with our country. You see the Marine Corps is all about history and traditions. Everything you do is about and for those who came before you and those that are besude you. How else could you get ordinary men to do the extraordinary. Part of this tradition and part of being a Marine is being the finest fight force that has walked iur planet. To protect and serve those who cannot. Protect the United States and its interests abroad. The symbol of which is our flag… our Colors.

We pay tribute to our Flag by a series of rituals and traditions. Colors is played at 8am and the raising of the flag. Again at sunset colors is played and rhe flag is lowered. You pay this tribute by comming to attention wherever you are and facing the nearest flag and rendering a salute if in uniform or if not just stand at attention. This respect is also paid during the national anthem… which brought me to my Facebook rant today. … if you read it. This is a great honor to Marines… its who we are it pays respect to all that who came before all thise who are with yiu now and to all those to who stand on a wall and say with one voice… no ones going to hurt you tonight… not on my watch! Its the very symbol that we fight for. Its our guide our flag our home.

The National Anthem playing along side the American Flag brings back every emotion of everything we went through. Every moment that you thought you couldnt make it. Every thought of those who didnt and every thought of every Marine that gave their last full measure to protect those who couldnt protect themselves.

So I ask… that when the National Anthem sounds and Colors are unvailed please take that few moments to stand still remove your cap and think about all those who answered that call all those who still do every day and night and especially those in lands far away doing things you cannot even imagine putting their lives on the line day after day.

The Marine Corps has a matto Semper Fidelis… It means always faithful. Faithful to god country and corps.

All this has meaning to me and the events if the past couple days have made me think. I talked to one of my brothers today whos “down range” putting his life on the line to protect our way of life and I feel helpless that I cannot be by his side.

Take care my brother I will carry the flag for you.


By Tim

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