The 1st Unofficial (and hopefully annual) Downhill Office Chair Races

Yes my friends you heard it right and yes my San Clemente, California friends…I am ripping you off. If I can’t bring the Ocean to Fremont, Ohio I can bring the Office Chair Races.

Fremonters get ready… stand by… to see the unbelievable. Be prepared to be entertained or humiliated which ever comes first.  So grab that old office chair out of the basement attic or garage…or borrow your bosses. ..return condition not guaranteed. It’s time to start having fun in this city of ours.  Check out some pictures from San Clemente…

Look like Fun???? Of course it does! Aren’t you tired of the same old 4th of July activities??? Well get off your ass and join in the fun. Read on for info….

The 1st Unofficial (and hopefully annual) Downhill Office Chair Races

The Date and Time

4th of July  10am. Location (see course below)


Each competitor will ride a non-motorized version of a modified office chair. That’s right every racer must begin as an ordinary office chair. This is where the similarity from office chair to racing vehicle ends. The racer must have the following but not limited to… at least 2 wheels and the seat. This is where rules end. Optional accessories may include but not limited to; more wheels, steering wheel or handle bar, streamers, flags, rockets, desk, sail, sidecar, passenger and breaks if you like… you get the point? And that point is… there is no point. Any modification you can dream up is acceptable…except the unacceptable…motor.

You may choose to build from the office chair or start off with an existing form of transportation such as skateboard, tricycle, lawnmower, wheelchair, dolly or the famous radio flyer.  Then add the office chair to it.

The Rules

Aside from following and the above guidelines you should be at least 16 (don’t need to act like it)(not mandatory though); each racer may receive a 1 step push from a friend. The rest is left up to gravity and the survival skills of the racer. The first one to cross the finish line is the winner. If there are more entries than room to run, there will be heats with the top racers to compete in the championship race. However there will be at least 1 All competitors all out no holds bar race to survive; final race….Provided the office chairs and drivers survive the first races. Helmets encouraged but not mandatory…so are knee pads, elbow pads, pillows…etc.

The Prizes

Other than bragging rights until the next year…I’ll think of something. The categories for prizes are…but not limited to;

1st Place Championship Race

1st Place All out no holds bar Survival Race

Best original design Office Chair

Craziest Office Chair

And 1 “I just couldn’t make it to the bottom” conciliation prize

The Course

South Granville Blvd … You got it next to hospital….just in case. The race will start off just before the crest of the hill and finish slightly past the bottom. Note: this race is unofficial and this is a street…. This is a One Way Street…and thats good…we’ll only be going One Way (hopefully). On lookers are encouraged to slow traffic 🙂

The Goal

To have as much fun as possible, survive uninjured and entertain the public and yourselves!


By participating in this event either by competing or viewing you agree not to hold the organizers (me) or anyone other than yourself responsible for any type of injury that may occur or any embarrassment you might feel. Look for the Facebook Event and possible Facebook Page coming soon!

So get to work!!! See you at High Noon!

Here’s a couple more just for laughs….