30 Spectators 4 Teams 3 Office Chairs….Success!

That’s right! we only had 3 race chairs but the 1st Un-Official Fremont 4th of July Downhill Office Chair Race was a Success!!!!

The morning started off like any other…with my alarm going off. This was not going to be like any other day though. The forecast according to Danny DeMoss (from here on referred to Double D or simply DD), HOT!!! with temperatures reaching into the mid 90’s by lunch. Race time forecast…DD…HOT! 80 degrees and humid. I start my day off with a protein shake bottle of water and 4 Ibuprofen…to calm the hang-over from the night before. I shower dress and load my Nate Brahier 797 Franks Kraut Depot Pizza Razor Executive Office Chair Racer into the Official Transportation Vehicle. Then the waiting begins…so does the pre-race butterflies…is my race chair good enough will it work will it crash will I get hurt…is anyone gonna show up!

9:00 comes 1 hour til race time….people start to show up at the CSYC. Its Bloody Mary time.

One Bloody Mary two Bloody Mary Whoooooh!!!! 9:45 we head over to Memorial Parkway for the start. We park and I walk to the start line, I am surprised that someone had decorated the course with American Flags just for us! The other surprise is…there were people…lots of them. I was taken back to a time when I heard….Build it they will come….they did.

People came dressed in their 4th of July best, they brought families lawn chairs cameras and Bloody Mary’s…DD.

The came by car they came by foot they came by motorcycle and they came by bike. They cheered jeered and laughed. They along with me were surprised at the turnout. It was a somewhat unorganized mess of mayhem.

As it turned out, the day was filled full of fun entertainment and excitement. No injuries have been reported to the race committee..except a few scratches (me). All in all it was a Success!!!!

Watch the Official videos filmed by the Official Videotographer  of the Inaugural Fremont 4th of July Office Chair Race….Mr. Douglas Ash;

1st Race;

2nd Race

3rd and Final Race

And the winners are;

To see all photos from the Inaugural Fremont 4th of July Office Chair Race click this link; http://timhon2.wordpress.com/2012/07/05/photos-from-the-1st-fremont-4th-of-july-office-chair-races/

I only hope that our Brethren; San Clemente Office Chair Downhill Race West AKA The Half Mile of Horror http://officechairrace.com/ had as much fun!

 Until next year my friends fans and one night stands, live free drink plenty and have fun!