Hello, I’m Tim.  As the title of my blog states…what you are about to read are truly tragically flawed thoughts from my mind. They are cumulative stories of both past and present life… sometimes mixed as one. I take no political view (unless it’s in-correctiveness) and thus I will not contribute anything to society through this blog other than to entertain…hopefully. I have no writing experience or schooling. I murder the English Language at an alarming rate and not sure if I care. I only started this blog after many of people told me I should write some of my adventures down. If you are looking for proper punctuation and complete sentences, you might be left short. I use words sometimes that I don’t know exist…I will call then “Timisms”  I generally have know idea of what is going translate into each blog…I start writing and generally have to change the topic because it goes in another direction.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read my ramblings!


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