Update: 1st Ever Fremont 4th of July Downhill Office Chair Races

Well we are one day away and the excitement is building. I don’t know how many people will be racing…4-6 maybe more…I myself can’t wait. It’s as if I am acting like a child filled with giddy and joy. Who knows why I’m acting this way…maybe because I am a man-child or maybe I’m just looking for some excitement out of the ordinary…maybe I’m fulfilling my childhood dream of being a race-car driver…<<<its just I’m looking to have fun…and make other people have fun too…thats all.

The Nate Brahier 797 Franks Kraut Depot Pizza Razor Executive Chair

Anyway…I’ve built my office chair racer according to the rules (more like guidelines than rules) and I’m going to roll it to the top of the hill on Memorial Parkway at 10am tomorrow (4th of July) morning…after a few Bloody Mary’s at the CSYC…don my German replica Punisher sticker’d non-DOT with chin strap helmet and take my chances with gravity. My hope is that …well I make it to the bottom…but 2nd that somehow for at least a while we (I) entertain myself and those who show up to see this spectacle of mass hysteria….or embarrassment.

To those of you who participate and to all who show up to watch…I thank you. Hopefully this will be fun enough to carry on the tradition next year. I’ll be at the CSYC getting ready in the morning…stop by for a Bloody and come watch.

July 4th 10am Memorial Parkway (next to hospital) and take pictures…we might need it to remember!