Take A Bullet For The President And Get Your Hooker Too!

I think those Secret Service guys can cross one of those things off their lists. I was thinking this might be a good time to talk about my Bucket List. I’ve always said that I’ve already done more things than any person should or could do; either by chance or just being in the right place at the right time or just because I was in the Marine Corps. https://timhon.wordpress.com/2011/05/10/12-things-i-learned-in-the-marine-corps-that-you-just-cant-learn-in-ordinary-life/ I’ve done the weird the bazaar and the crazy….and that’s just the women. https://timhon.wordpress.com/2011/05/06/bartender-18-salty-dogs-and-a-heineken-no-for-each-of-us/ I’ve traveled the world and seen and have done more things than you can imagine, but there’s still a lot of things I’ve not done that I could do.

So here you go…things I still want to accomplish before I check out! (this list is growing);

1 Experience Midnight Sun and Polar Night (Alaska)

2 See Pucksatawny Phil on Groundhogs Day

3 St. Patty’s Day in Savannah, Ga

4 St. Patty’s Day Chicago

5 Go to The Burning Man

6 Kentucky Derby

7 Marti Gras

8 Fly a plane (take off and land)

9 Surf Pipe

10 Live on a Boat

11 Explore an abandon mine in California Desert

12 Do something important

13 Visit the Devil’s Tower in Wyoming

14 Travel Rt 66 start to finish then run into the Ocean

15 Hike or Bike on the Continental Divide

16 Ride a Zip Line

17 Raft/Kayak down the Colorado River

18 Hike down the Grand Canyon

19 Drive a golf ball across the Grand Canyon

20 Drive a golf ball in every state (more than half way complete)

21 Live on a Tropical Island

22 Score a goal in a Hockey Rink

23 BASE Jump

24 Watch a game at Fenway Park

25 Go to the Bermuda Triangle

26 Sail the Pacific

27 Discover an Island

28 Camp in the Wilderness

29 Uncover a Conspiracy

30 See Hoover Dam

31 Go through the Panama Canal

32 Drive in the Baja 1000

33 Chase a Tornado

34 Visit Iwo Jima

35 Stand on 4 Corners Point (then do #20)

36 Visit NORAD

37 Visit Mt. Rushmore and find secret room

39 Own a Harley Davidson use to complete #14

40 Sneak onto Area 51

41 Tip a Cow

42 Catch a Big Fish

43 Save a Life

44 Make Wine

 45 Reunion with all my Marine Corps Brothers

46 See an Iceberg

47 Ride a Horse really fast

48 Visit the Marshall Memorial

49 See the Sun Rise at Light House, West Couddy, Maine (1st place to see the sun rise in Continental US)

50 Give someone enough money to change their life


As you may tell from my list…or if you know me….I am somewhat adventurous and I can see myself completing most of these…. Ether way I still plan on having a great time trying.

What will you do?