My Google Earth Vacation

 Here’s where I’ve been lately;

San Clemente Pier, California

Santa Monica Pier from the end of Bay Street, the location of the former POP (Pier at Ocean Park) the West Coast Coney Island

Behind the Hollywood Sign

Overlooking John’s Pass Treasure Island, Florida

Old Man’s Beach San Onofre, California

View from London Bridge Lake Havasu, Arizona

Driving down RT 66 near Essex, California

Overlooking Coachella Valley, California above Palm Springs, Palm Dessert

View from Parker Dam Arizona and California border

Driving past the Airplane Grave yard

Dublins Bar & Grill Downtown Chicago….Great Turkey Sandwiches!!!! Also my favorite place to start off the night

We Are Marshall…Enough Said!

Not So Secret Government Installation Area 51 from the air

Another not so secret Government Installation, The Mars Radio Antenna just north of  Barstow, California…that’s a lot of money for a planet with no life form 🙂

Next time, maybe I’ll find more not so secret government installation…maybe they should have blacked them out 🙂 but then again…they’re not so secret anymore.

So if you get bored try Google Earth….Where will you go?