12 Things I Learned In The Marine Corps That You Just Can’t Learn In Ordinary Life

Well Back to another Marine Corps Story…Sometimes though these adventures run into and onto one another. It was a long time ago…

I was thinking the other day and talking to a friend of mine. We were talking about things you learn in life growing up in a small town of Clyde, Ohio and things you learn though out life that you could pass along as kind of guide to the younger generation. So I thought about this and as we compared some of the thing we’ve learned over the years, one thing became apparent; even though we grew up in the same area, we learned completely different life lessons. So I thought I’d pass on a few of the lessons I’ve learned as I was growing up, things that were mostly learned as a young adult while in The Marine Corps…things that not everyone might not of had the chance of learning. Maybe lessons you have no need for…either way they will make for entertaining reading.

These are the things I’ve learned;

While in a foreign country, if you don’t know the language…just smile and nod a lot…But remember,” Joe want to make Boom Boom” in Japanese doesn’t mean that Joe wants to purchase fireworks

While in a foreign country and purchasing something, always pay with the small denomination first. If they need more they will ask…if they don’t you won’t get change

Not only should you not be “The Volunteer” Never laugh at the volunteer either

If you can carry a 70# bag (Seabag) full of clothes, that the very same bag full of Beer will weigh drastically more

The difference in being the  “Hero” or being the “Fool” is made in a split second

When faced with danger, turning and running might keep you alive but charging into the fight might keep everyone alive

When asked by the Police if you’ve been drinking too, replying “No Sir, I’m an alcoholic….I don’t drink anymore” isn’t always a bad answer

While driving from Lake Havasu, AZ to 29 Palms, CA and running out of gas half way, it’s not a bad idea to just sleep until sober

It’s always better to look over the edge before you jump, or read the sign that says $500 fine

Being in the right place at the wrong time is far better than being in the wrong place at the right time (I know this life lesson can be learned anywhere, but learning it while in the Marine Corps is far worse)

Learning that not ALL girls in the club are “Single” (again…can be learned anywhere…again much worse when a Marine Captain is involved)

Finally, one of the most important lessons learned while I was in the Marine Corps…two wrongs don’t make a right, but it does leave no one left to testify


By Tim

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