The Art Of The Humble Brag

The Humble Brag by definition is simply this; A form self promotion where the promoter is, almost simultaneously, bragging about himself in the context of a humble statement or complaint. An example of this would be;

I love your new Chevy. I wish I could have a new car, maybe after I get done paying off my new boat.

For those of us that bares witness to this auspicious behavior, the definition is simply this…..ASSHOLE! Unless by occasion you are trying to apply the “Art” of the “Humble Brag” then of course its funny! Now if you are trying to apply this form of art, part of the task is getting the other person to know what you’re doing and truly appreciate what it takes to purposely work this art form into the conversation of everyday life. It’s just not fun if the other person thinks “you’re the asshole!

The Humble Brag can be a fun game to help you pass the day, if done correctly. So I thought I’d give you some more examples of just how this works.

Just like “ribbing” or “joking” with your buddy, the humble brag is used in the same manner. You may want to make fun of the fact that your friend couldn’t go to the big game last night , so you might say this;

Man my shoulder still hurts from that football player running into me while I was on the sideline at the game last night.

The “humility” of the statement is the fact that he got hurt. The “Brag” is the fact that he got to stand on the sideline. Be careful though, your buddy might respond with;

I had a bad steak last night, your wife is a terrible cook

What I did there is two things….the “Humble Brag” and got a little payback with some “Ribbing”…Always good to get some payback 🙂 I was listening to the radio the other day and they were talking about the band Coldplay.  Then they started talking about a “Tweet” of  Gwyneth Paltrow….by the way….Gwyneth Paltrow….HOT!!!

Her “Tweet” was this;

Who do I have to bang around here to get a copy of the new Coldplay album

If you don’t know this, Gwyneth Paltrow is married to the lead singer of Coldplay. I say to Gwyneth Paltrow….Good Humble Brag!

So the next time you get bored and you want to stray from everyday life, do something different ….Try the “Humble Brag”….just don’t be an ASSHOLE!