Happy Birthday Marines! Semper Fi!

This Saturday November 10th, Join me in celebrating the Marine Corps 237th Birthday. I start out at the CSYC around 6:30 and then off to a few local bars to drink to the Marine Corps and to all my Brothers who served with me and to All those who gave their last full measure of devotion to our country.

For the Marine Corps this a tradition that dates back to the beginning to Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the birthplace of the Marine Corps on November 10, 1775. For me this is a tradition that started in 1985 and a tradition that I carry on to this date and hopefully many more to come.

From Wikipedia….According to tradition, Tun Tavern was also where the United States Marine Corps held its first recruitment drive. On November 10, 1775, the First Continental Congress commissioned Samuel Nichols, a Quaker innkeeper, to raise two battalions of marines in Philadelphia. The tavern’s manager, Robert Mullan, was the “chief Marine Recruiter.” Prospective volunteers flocked to the place, enticed by cold beer and the opportunity to join the new corps. The first Continental U.S. Marine unit was composed of one hundred Rhode Islanders commanded by Captain Nicholas. Some three million U.S. Marines have been exposed to the significance of Tun Tavern. Each year on November 10, U.S. Marines worldwide toast the Colonial Inn.

One night while I was in Marine Corps bootcamp in the summer of 1985 my drill instructor Sgt Thompson talked about the traditions of the Marine Corps and he passed on something that was told to him by his drill instructor…he said…on this day (November 10th) whether you are a lifer (a Marine who stays in until required retirement age) or you do your 4 and out. Whether you love or hate the Marine Corps, once you make it through bootcamp and bare the title United States Marine; you will find yourself in a bar and you’ll pick up a glass a bottle and raise it above your head and toast to the Marine Corps to your Brothers and to all that have given their life so that yours could be free.

On this Thursday November 10th if you’re in your local bar…look around, you’ll a group of Marines or maybe the older quite guy at the bar taking his drink…under his breath before each sip he will utter the names of his brothers. He might even tell you a story or two. But either way, he’ll be there…remembering honoring those who have served.

On this day I will be honoring the following;

Gunnery Sgt Mike Wolf (my brother)

Major Sam Hotz

Lcpl Jim Bock

Cpl Tom Coffman

Cpl Ashel Mathew Ammons

Pvt Don Franz

Cpl Glen Young

Cpl Rick Chirigotis

SSgt White

(Gunny) SSgt Byron Coates

Cpl Pena

Cpl Ski

Lcpl Schwamburg

Lcpl Stonecash

Cpl Travino

Cpl Draper

Cpl Manony

Cpl Hodge

Lcpl Billy Coin…RIP

Lt Ralph Croce

Cpl Tim Etter

Cpl Phillips


Mitchell Jessie

Hiro Persons

Sat Persons

K-Boy Kamiola

Cpl Cordona

Pvt Diaz

Hi I’m LCpl Roy Ernest Gordon from Vardaman ,Mississippi, sweet potato capital of the world!



Arthur J. Davey


David Scheck

To all those Brothers that I left off my list, only because of my poor memory I honor you! Feel free to leave in your comments the names of Marines and I will honor them as well!

Happy Birthday Marines

Semper Fi

Sgt Tim Honaker USMC