My Google Earth Vacation To My Three Favorite Carl’s Jr’s

If you don’t know already…I love Carl’s Jr, especially  for breakfast. They make the Fully Loaded Breakfast Burrito…a 2lb (feels like it) burrito filled with egg, cheese, sausage, hash-browns and fresh pico de gallo

This particular Fully Loaded Breakfast Burrito was purchased at my favorite Carl’s Jr located in San Clemente, CA near the entrance to the Trestle Surf Break.

So in honor of Carl’s Jr…I give you in order by Google Earth Vacation Favorite Carl’s Jr’s;

Near the path to Trestles

Dana Point near Doheny (DoHo) Surf Break

Next to I-5 between San Clemente and Dana Point (my first Carl’s Jr)

There you have it. The next time you are fortunate enough to see a Carl’s Jr…We don’t have them in Ohio….Just Hardees…I know they are the same company…NOT THE SAME!!!!! Stop in and tell them Hi for me.



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