Make More And Spend Less; How Does A Family of Four Survive

According to a 2011 Department of Agriculture and Department of Labor study, the cost for housing, food, transportation, healthcare, clothing and education/childcare for a family of 4 is $37,573 a year.  That would be a little over $18/hr (for family). The funny thing about this study is that it pointed out that they didn’t take into account college education expenses or if a child lives at home as a dependent after they are an adult.

Now for the reason I looked this up; I ran across a forum with this question;

Is a job a job, is it more important to have jobs for people to have, even if it means its they would start out at 7.70 an hour. Should cities wait for possible better paying jobs if it means they may lose out on others or maybe not get them at all ?

First of all…don’t wait….there are not enough jobs going around to turn down any. Second; why are we not trying to create jobs that a family can survive on. I know most people will say then work two jobs etc…..I understand. My question is why should someone have to work two 40 hour a week jobs for their family to survive. What kind of life is that? I know people do this and a few might be happy to. I would guess people whose family makes over this amount $37,573 would greatly differ from families who make under that.

I would consider a job paying $7.70 /hr would be for a high school student or someone living at home with parents to support them. Or, it’s someone who is looking to supplement their family income…one parent makes a living the other works part time for extra money.

The question I would ask is;

How do we create more $18/hr jobs?

I understand that with higher paying jobs the cost of goods go up etc. But I have another question…Why does my TV that is made in a foreign country by workers making pennies an hour still cost me $800??? I thought that was the reason jobs were sent overseas?? If costs were lower overseas, then why isn’t my TV less money now??? Or is it just that the manufacturer of my TV now makes more money???



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