Beer Summer and Vodka Winters

Once again I write about my favorite habit…drinking beer. Its more than a habit, though not quite an addiction…I just like beer. A beer just goes great with the summer sun beating down. There’s nothing better than an ice-cold Miller Lite when its hotter than shit.

Of course I could drink this Miller Lite in the winter too!

On the other hand though when the winter months come to call, I like my vodka to keep me warm. I still like the beer , but sitting in my lazy boy after work with the TV on…a nice Goose and Berry tastes great! Sometimes I’ll get tied of cranberry and go with lemonade…it goes well with just about anything. Sometimes I’ll just have my fill of beer and want something different…bring on the vodka!!!! and of course you can’t help the fact that a Saturday or Sunday morning breakfast is  best served with a Bloody Mary…truth teller right  there!

I like wine in the winter too…that’s something new, but sometimes its just nice to have a choice. ..either way change it up! try something new….Have some Vodka!

I’m thinking I should get paid for this Blog…isn’t there some Vodka council or something??? I’m sure the vodka industry will get a bump after this 🙂


By Tim

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