Congress Is Full Of Sucky People!!!!!!

Warning Explicit Language Follows…Yes I’m On A Rant!

I know I said I’d not get political with my blog but come’on Congress WHAT THE FUCK???? Get off your ass and start working for the people. I don’t care whose to blame…if you ask me the Republicans SUCK the Democrats SUCK. Anyone who has taken an oath in the last decade can kiss my big white ass!!! Why don’t we hold these people accountable!!! Every single person on the so called super committee got in front of a camera and told everyone of us…over and over, that failure was not an option..we won’t fail…we can’t fail…Guess what??? Every single one of them should be fired! The only way this works is compromise people….I am so sick of the government…they stopped acting in our best interest and started acting in their own a long time ago.

Okay lets talk about entitlements….Education, Medicaid, Medicare! If you think we should cut these…kiss my big white ass!!! The 2% at the top…if you don’t think they should pay the same percentage of taxes that the middle class pay…kiss my big white ass!!! Just because they make millions and their tax would be millions doesn’t make it unfair! It makes it fair…If I have a pie and have to give up 1/3 of it why should they not have to give up the same piece of pie. If we all paid the same percentage, then the overall percentage would be lower. We need to take care of our children…education, we need to take care for our elderly…medicare and medicaid. Let face it…there are going to be people who are looking for a handout…you can’t change that, but get the fuck over yourself. People on welfare…make them work in order to get it. If they can wipe their own ass they can work. People in this country are suffering. Not because they are lazy, not because they won’t work, …Because they don’t earn a decent living and everything cost to fucking much!!!! Its because they finished school and there’s not work for them!!!! It’s because the government is worried about their own pockets and not ours.

One way to help our country out is to stop helping every freaking country that can’t get their head out of their own ass!!!! If we’d stay the fuck out our their business and keep it in ours maybe we wouldn’t be in this fucked up position! Tea Party…I agree…stop spending…who you’re blaming it on…Kiss my big white ass!!! Occupy….get to work or come up with a solution…or Occupy my big white ass…and kiss it!!

Here’s my solution…TERM LIMITS …..ON EVERYONE!!!!!! get rid of the Lobbiest’s You run, you get elected, you do your job, you get the fuck out. This way if you fuck up our country, there’s no one to blame it on! You did it! Congress is like two kids fighting over who broke the window…just like I tell my kids…I don’t give a fuck who broke it…get a god dam broom and clean up this mess…well Democrats, Republicans…CLEAN UP THE FUCKING MESS YOU GOT US IN!!!! There’s enough blame to go around. Salary for elected officials…same as the average salary in the US…Not 3x the average…but the average! Medical benefits…average!!! Retirement…there is no retirement….You don’t get to get re-elected…get the fuck out and go back to work!!! Congress…you go to work…you get the job done or you don’t leave. You don’t get to go home, take vacation…you debate and vote until it’s solved….move on to the next issue. You don’t act in the people best interest…get the fuck out! replace them with the 2nd place vote. Everyone pays the same percentage. We stop aid to foreign countries that can’t get out of their own way. We take care of our elderly. We help our homeless. Put our welfare people to work. Stop illegal immigration and undocumented workers. Put our jailed inmates to work in the fields….pay them the same wage as the illegals and use that money to rehabilitate them. When and if they are rehabilitated, release them back into society with the money they have earned….maybe they just might be able to live without knocking over the liquor store to get their next meal. Finally…Only the PEOPLE should decide on government wages and benefits…not the people whose pockets benefit from their own vote!

Agree with me or not…you can’t blame this on a party, if you r blaming this on a party…you’re part of the problem! …you can blame it on greed! The American Dream is fading people…no longer do I feel like if I work hard enough I can succeed…I feel like if I work hard enough…I might be able to buy groceries, watch a little TV and have a beer with my friends….and hopefully my kids will be able to do the same!


By Tim

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