I Went To Church…The Walls Did Not Crumble And The Steeple Still Stands

I know what you’re thinking…those of you who know me….Tim want to church??? The church did not crumble around him?? There were no injuries for lightning bolts that went array and striking unsuspecting bystanders??? How could this be? Is the world coming to an end did God suddenly look the other way did he go in disguise? All these may or may not be answered as you read on…

I know this is a shocker…I’m usually on the other side of this…church. To say that I am not a religious person would be an understatement. In fact, I’ve pretty much gone the other way when its come to the 10 Commandments…even the really bad ones. Not that I’m proud of that, but know you know why I was surprised and somewhat elated that I did not receive a lightning bolt to the back side as I crossed the threshold. I want with a friend and his family, I wanted to say that his family is my friend as well but don’t know how to say that and make sense…other than they are.  What made me decide to finally go…after all he had asked me several times before. I don’t really have an answer. Maybe I was feeling a little vulnerable maybe I was looking for something or maybe I was bored. I like to think it was because my friend and his family are some of the greatest people I know and maybe spending a little time with them would rub off on me…god knows I need it 🙂 The funny thing here is that I sat through it all and listened…that’s a pretty hard thing to do…hold my attention for that long. Usually that takes beer or nakedness! Something that was nowhere to be found in church. I know…I have a pretty short attention span, if you’re not entertaining me, I’ll lose interest. So to say that I paid attention must have been entertaining on some level.

To start off they had entertainment…that is correct…a band! There was the usual stand sit stand sit. Absent was the kneeling the knee and back pain from the wooden or the poorly padded kneeling boards. There was no wine no bread…they had chicken and coffee!!!!! potato salad, hot dogs and cookies!!! Now of those of you who know me…you know that even my enemies could coax me with cookies!!!!

2nd….I was overdressed! I know…how could you (I) overdress for Church???? I don’t even own church appropriate clothing…so I thought. I simply wore cargo pants and a buttoned dress shirt. Most were dressed in jeans dress shirt and tennis shoes of casual shoes. Ether way this was not the traditional church experience that I was accustom to in the past. There was no alter no robes no over-sized bible no pew to sit in….it was theater style seating! If not for the prescience of a single cross, the stage resembled more a concert venue than a church.

After the band (with 4 guitars, drum-set, keyboard, 4 to 5 vocalist and a choir) played, they did finally get around to a preacher or minister…not sure what you call them out-side of the Catholic church….either way there was a message.  It was a message of hope…I understood it, but still not really for me….maybe one day. I did however enjoy it. It wasn’t presented in a way that made you feel like if you don’t do this you’re going to hell. It was more like…this is what we believe and what we do and feel. If you don’t, that’s okay…hopefully you will someday. If not, we’re still here for you.

Either way if you’re looking for something different something without all the rigid traditions of a traditional church…something with Chicken… there are alternatives!



By Tim

One comment on “I Went To Church…The Walls Did Not Crumble And The Steeple Still Stands

  1. Tim, I could tell this was what you saw & heard…And I think that from what your comments were, you were ok that you went. That could be the first step. You did not ignore what you heard and were not offended by it. The seed was planted…..Hope to see you back in church.

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