From A Father A Fan A Booster What I See From The Cheap Seats

I’m in the 3rd year of my daughter Danielle’s volleyball career at Fremont Ross High School. Dani is a senior now. I was nervous when Dani changed school from St Joe to the much bigger Fremont Ross. I was worried she wouldn’t make the team with so many girls competing. She Did! She made the team earned a spot and forged friendships.

I’ve gotten involved with the team as a booster and the past two years helped organize the volleyball booster program. I can say that doing this has brought me much enjoyment. By getting involved I’ve been able to help make our last two years more enjoyable for myself and hopefully the other parents and players too. The parents of these young girls have been some of the best people I’ve met. I don’t think I’ve ever been involved in something that all the parents participate and get along as much a we do. My hats off to you all.

The girls of the Volleyball Team are some of the best athletes I’ve seen compete in a high school sport. These girls work hard! The level of play that I’ve witness  is staggering. Fremont now competes in the newly formed Three Rivers Athletic Conference (TRAC). Most of the teams we compete against are from bigger schools and the girls are much taller and have more experience playing at this level. Even though we are out matched in most of these games our girls play their hearts out. They have fun and they get along with one another. I’ve known most of these girls for three years now….they are as much fun to watch as I am sure to coach….A great bunch of girls! I look forward to every game….

Recently the Fremont News Messenger wasn’t too kind to our girls in an article written by one of their sports writers. They published a report about our game with Toledo Central Catholic (TCC). We lost that game in 3 straight sets and the reporter couldn’t find any positives in the game for Ross. So I thought I’d report about what I saw from the stands.

TCC coming off a 2010 year which saw their only tournament loss to Toledo St. Ursula (the state champion) was a much bigger team with season skilled players at every position. The expectation of most was that Fremont believe they could win and  play a tough game…not to give up or get down. That is exactly what they did. When most of TCC front line towered above Mekenzie Schneider our 5’5″ Senior Captain, she kept swinging she kept going up to block she kept digging…and she played a great game. Allison Ackerman our tallest player at 6 Feet and a sophomore had one of the best games this year. She recorded numerous serving aces as well as several blocks and even a few kills. The defensive players for Ross (Danielle Honaker, MeKenzie Gallagher) had their hands full from the trio of six-foot somethings in the TCC front row, and they still managed to ring up season high digs each. Melanie Edris kept attacking the ball at every chance. Her jump serves seemed to give TCC trouble. Cassie Wolesagel kept blocking kill after kill. Olivia Miller kept attacking the ball every time it was fed to her. Molly Mosser’s serves where some of the strongest I’ve seen from a player that’s listed at 5’4″. After the game the crowd seemed pleased they had seen a great match and our girls played their hearts out. There were numerous people from both sides telling me our girls played a great game.  The TCC parents and players ad coaching staff displayed great sportsmanship. The TC players played a great game and certainly didn’t show any signs that they skipped a beat from last years team. My hats off to all of them.

I’m only saddened by the fact that our hometown news paper couldn’t see or didn’t take the time to see the positives in this game. I know what they reported was factual, it’s just disheartening that they couldn’t list some positives about our young girls. After all, this was a David and Goliath type of game and they are a hometown news paper!

I have a feeling I’m going to be a fan of Fremont Ross Volleyball for a while to come. Keep playing tough keep swinging!

Good Luck!


By Tim

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