The CSYC Survival Guide

Another in the Fremont Bar Survival Guides….I know The CSYC (Croghan Street Yacht Club) isn’t actually on the same level of bars that I’ve reviewed in the past…and I know I really should be the one to review such a place…:) but oh well.

The Croghan Street Yacht Club or CSYC for short is my bar on my patio or in my garage in the winter. It started as a joke of sorts. My Friend Bobby…the proud proprietor of The Austin Street Tavern suggested that I needed to come up with a name for my garage bar…So with his wisdom and advice…The CSYC was born. I’m sure you are wondering why we would name it a Yacht Club…Why Not? Besides, only dry docks available.  Anyway…Fremont, Ohio has many traditions and one of them is certainly the abundance of residential taverns. If you’ve never heard of this fine tradition, just take a drive around on a Friday night and pay close attention. You’ll see in the back yards, garages, patios, or porches the display of this tradition. Its friends getting together to share a story or just to unwind at the week’s end. We at The Fremont Association of Residential Taverns or F.A.R.T. for short welcome you to join in this fine tradition and open one of your own. Don’t forget to look us up on Facebook.

The Austin Street Tavern

The Croghan Street Yacht Club

The McPherson Blvd Inn

The McPherson Blvd Bar and Lounge

more popping up on every corner!

 The residential tavern is just a place where friends can hangout. It’s a place to socialize outside of the normal hustle of a real bar or tavern.  In shorts its just a back yard assembly of friends. Now some of these residential taverns are in use all the time, some operate only a few times a year. Some are just for special occasions,  the CSYC is open on a whim…my whim or that of a friend who stops by and turns on the Lite…:) cause if the Lite is on your free to stop in. I know that I am miss-spelling the word light…but there is your true sign…the Miller Lite neon sign that hangs in the window…if on…stop…if off…well stop and turn it on!

I did promise you a survival guide so here it is….Friday night is the only real consistent time that the Lite is on. But do stop anytime its on. The proper etiquette would be to…screw that…why would there be etiquette 🙂 just stop. There’s a Frig in the garage to keep your beer cold. If you didn’t bring any, feel free to have one of mine. On occasion, a Deal’ems game my break out….beware..enter at your own risk… other than that just hangout.  Sometimes on Sundays we have the Sunday night cookout…around 6ish…just bring something to share. You can always just look to Facebook to see what’s happening. Either way, life’s too short not to hang with friends. So pick up some beer a snack if you like and stop by…I’ll see you tonight!


By Tim

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