You Were My Favorite Koozie…I’ll never Forget You

I haven’t written in a while, I haven’t really felt much like it.I didn’t really have much to say and I didn’t have a thought to put to words. I was talking to a friend last night while drinking a Miller Lite (my favorite) and I noticed he didn’t have a Koozie. I felt bad for a moment, but then I thought to myself…its hard when you lose your favorite Koozie just to move onto the next. Sometimes…it take a little time to find the right one. Then I thought about all the Koozies I’ve had in my life… some where great some were a pain in the ass, but one…one was my favorite. I miss my favorite Koozie!

Its better to have too much Koozie than not enough…I always say. But when you find that special Koozie, the one that fits just right…the world is a better place. Koozies come and go and there’s always more Koozies in the sea…they say. They come in all shapes and sizes and each with their own personality, some are dirty some are not some are new some have been around for a while…but to find that perfect Koosie takes time and when you find it…hold onto it as tight as you can. I miss my favorite Koozie.

My Favorite Koozie was the best. It was the best looking Koozie I’ve ever seen in my life. We went everywhere together. I wouldn’t think of letting someone else touch my favorite Koozie. The way she would hold my can…even on a hot day with cool adult beverage, my Koozie was great. My Koozie never let me down…when the sweat from my can would soak into her walls…when she was soaking wet she would still hold my can. I knew all I had to do was to squeeze her tight. I miss my favorite Koozie.

Life has its ups and downs…Peaks and Valleys I call it. This past year I’d have to say I’ve been on the Peak. I’ve had 3 special Koozies that I’ve loved. A couple only a brief time and 1 much longer…either way there was one Koozie that I will always miss. I could search the world over and never find another like you. I miss my favorite Koozie.


By Tim

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