Let’s Name Our Girl A Boys Name

I’ve always liked that…a girls name that could be a guys name. Don’t ask me why maybe because I liked a girl in high school with a boy’s name maybe because I like nicknames maybe because I’m weird. I have two girls my oldest is Danielle we call her Dani….and Sydney we call Syd. I think I wanted to name her Samantha so I could call her Sam but when she was born I just named her Sydney. I’m happy with the name we chose for our girls, but sometimes I think I might want another girl just to come up with another name.

I thought I might want to list the names I’ve thought of that I would like to name a girl, not all could be boys name but just names with nicknames I like.

The first just came to me from a movie I saw…Ramona and Beezus but I love;

Beatrice nickname Beezus

Samantha=Sam or Sammy





That’s all I could think of but I know there’s more. So if we have a child together and it’s a girl be prepared…I like these names. Not to say that I’m planning on another child but every child is a gift….and I love kids 🙂


By Tim

2 comments on “Let’s Name Our Girl A Boys Name

  1. I like that idea, too! My thing is that I try to come up with names that are super country. Like these kids coulda been raised in Oklahoma or something. Weird eh?

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