The Things I Missed, I Miss The Most!

As you would guess, again I must write about my favorite subject…You. There are a lot of things I miss in this world…friends I’ve not seen in a long while, California the smell of the ocean  my surf board my favorite car my favorite bar. I miss driving up the coast I miss playing Frisbee in Lake Havasu. I miss driving across country I miss Lake Michigan with my girls I miss sleeping in but most of all I miss you….its okay to think (you) is you….I won’t mind. You can be a lot of things but at the moment you is what I miss.

I’m sorry that I might have missed a few things… a smile that I didn’t see a laugh I didn’t hear a sigh a tear. I missed these moments not because I wasn’t paying attention but I was paying too much attention. I was probably lost in the color of your eyes the smell of your hair or I just discovered a new spot in your hand that I hadn’t felt before. I was lost in the moment of what we were doing what we were feeling. I wish I could go back to those moments I missed because even though I’ve seen your smile 1000 times 1 more time would not make me tire of it. I’ve smelled your hair 1000 times 1 more time would still make me high as the 1st.Even though I’ve looked into your eyes 1000 times doesn’t mean that I won’t get lost in them still. These things I missed I miss the most.

The way you talk the way you sneeze these things bring me to my knees…(I just rhymed). The things you say the things you hear the things that make you laugh…I know right and how ’bout that. To hear again brings me right back.

These things I miss I miss the most but of all these things I miss I miss you!


By Tim

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