Why Do We Let Our Politicians Off The Hook

I often wonder this…I watch the news all the time. I say one cannot be intelligent if they don’t watch the news and keep up with current events (I didn’t claim to be, if you were thinking). What I can’t stand when watching an interview is why does the majority of interviewers let the Politician off the hook? If I ask a question and I don’t get a satisfactory answer to that question, it’s going to get asked again…again if needed.

I’ll give you an example; a few years ago I was working for a food distributor, I’ll call…$&#CO 🙂 at a sales meeting, one of vendors was showing/demo imitation crab. Now whether you like seafood or not (I don’t) imitation crab is made from Pollock (a fish). During the questions period, I asked this; ‘How do you get it to tasted like crab”? What I got for an answer was something that a politician would say…along with some technical jargon that even he didn’t believe. So I immediately raised my hand again…How stupid it was for this guy to call on me again 🙂 My 2nd question…”How do you get it to taste like crab”? Now I caught a little flack from my superiors for this and when I asked why they had a problem with my questions, they replied…”we didn’t want to make the vendor uncomfortable” Can you believe that! I said he’s not the F-ing President! I think it should be a “New Law”…you avoid the question…Dick Punch!!!

This is what happens in the news…the reporter wants the subject to answer all their questions, so they don’t make them give the correct answers. They let them off the hook. I want to throw something through my television every time a politician avoids a question when its a simple yes or no answer. “New Law”…next time a reporter lets a politician off the hook…Dick Punch!

I can’t stand politicians, but  you know who gets my next vote? The guy or women who says “did I smoke pot”…I was alive in the sixties! “Did I have pre-marital sex” well I am a human being”. When Bill Clinton said that he smoked pot but didn’t inhale, If I were the reporter I’d have Dick Punched him…what a F-ing Douche. Know I don’t smoke pot…uh anymore! But wouldn’t you respect the man who says “I tried it once in college…it wasn’t for me…or the  guy or women that says Hell Ya I had pre-marital sex….A lot of it…(and Post) (sorry to interject there 🙂 But then I found the person I love and we raised a family. The best though was…”I did not have sexual relations with that women” Are you F-king kidding me…No wonder they only had one child…That Douche Bag doesn’t know when he’s coming or going…Pun intended!!!!….Dick Punch!

The reasons our politicians get into office and don’t do what they promised is that no one holds them accountable! The only way they get into office anyway is avoiding the questions and pointing out their opponents flaws… coincidentally they have the same flaws! I think at the end of their 1st term, they have to release a report that shows their voting record on the issues they campaigned on, If they accomplished what they said they stood for, then and only then are they permitted to run again. If they didn’t….Dick Punch! and go home.

What I want to see is a politician that has the same flaws as you and I. Maybe…Maybe they might then start acting on our behalf!


By Tim

13 comments on “Why Do We Let Our Politicians Off The Hook

  1. Hi Tim…Doug Ash here from the Food Gazette magazine! Would you give me the exact recipe for Original Mississippi BBQ sauce!

  2. I am not defending any politicians, but there are some really stupid questions ask by many reporters!

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  4. Part of it is people’s own laziness. No one holds the journalist accountable. Voting records for politicians are a matter of public record. People are just too lazy to look it up. If they did any research on there own they would know the interview was a joke. They could then e-mail the news agency and say they are no longer watching with a detailed reason of why the journalists working for them suck at life and need to be fired. It’s why I refuse to watch almost any major news agency. Sorry I know I am commenting on an old blog. I came across one of your’s looking for a specific Hank Moody quote.

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