Go “F” Yourself! You Politically Correct Douche Bag! (if I haven’t already offended you, read on)

I must warn you…as the title states, this might not read like a Disney Story…Parental Guidance may be needed. At the very least maybe my parents should have stepped in.  Now that I have your attention….Thanks Erica for the idea. You ask why….I am so so so Fricking sick of all the politically correct bull shit in this world. Everybody is all concerned that you might offend someone or some group etc that we are raising a whole generation of pussies! Yes I said it!

I have so many examples of why I say this and to list them all…well you’d probably think I was an ass (or maybe you already do)…but then again I don’t care. I will start with kids sports…not high school but kids. What the F is with giving all the teams trophies? What Freakin douche bag suggested this? If your child didn’t win….he/she doesn’t deserve a trophy! Period! What he/she deserves is your love and understanding that they might not be the best athlete. Trophies are not positive reinforcement! It’s a reward for failure! It teaches your child that he/she doesn’t have to try their best…it teaches that half effort will be enough! I sometimes wonder who started all this stuff…I’m thinking it started with the parents who came in second, or even worse…last! What these parents have to learn is…you child isn’t cracked up to play the sport. Get them an erector set, or a chemistry set! Give them a jump start on their peers and get them started on the lifestyle in which they will lead. They’re not going to be a NFL, MLB, or NBA star. What they might accomplish is to cure cancer be a rocket scientist or the next Mark Zuckerburg! (Facebook Guy). There’s nothing wrong with this, but you’ve got to stop rewarding kids for not winning. The only people you offend here are the winners!

In her Blog, my friend Erica talked about the gender rolls and that they are disappearing. http://bonbonsandmartinis.wordpress.com/2011/06/24/the-end-of-gender-cuss/ She talks about the news report the other week that made national attention…J. Crew took out an ad that showed a boy with pink nail polish on his toes. I say who cares that this might happen…it doesn’t offend me (not sure why it should offend anyone). What I do say is this…If you paint your boys toenails pink and send him to school…you better prepare him to get his ass kicked. I’m not saying I would condone this either…I’m just saying if you think all this politically correct crap is helping our society…ask that little boy when he comes home.

Now when it comes to gay and lesbian, I don’t have a problem with it…it’s not for me, but I see it no different an issue than Black and White, Woman and Man, American or Mexican. These are all issues of discrimination and freedoms….the very foundation that our nation was built on. If you have a problem with gay or lesbian, black or white or mexican…well my friend…YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! We as a people came to this country seeking refuge from religious persecution. We wanted our freedom and to worship who/how we wanted…if we would be truly free then… along with that freedom is the freedom not to worship at all.

People want freedom, but when it comes to something they don’t believe in or like, they want to restrain that freedom (that is not freedom!). Take the 1st amendment for example. Among other things it protect our right to free speech…well if speech is truly free then the words Fuck, Shit, Ass, etc should be free as well. I agree that I don’t necessarily want to hear these words all day long, but they are just words. People are all up in arms over burning the American Flag in protest…I will tell you from this standpoint of being a Marine and fighting for this country and our Flag…I don’t like it, but what better way to demonstrate our freedom than to burn the very symbol that represents that freedom! You would not catch me doing this or attending such a  protest…but to be truly free, then you should be able to protest anyway that gets you words heard. The 2nd Amendment gives us the right to keep and bare arms. By restricting this right, we are not truly free. Some say that we no longer need that right. I say this…I doubt many criminals ever attained a gun by walking into a Wal-Mart and purchasing one. Guns don’t kill people…people kill people. Do you think that once all the guns are gone that crime will just stop? People are pretty happy in their life today and safe. I will promise you this…if history teaches us anything is that it will repeat itself! Maybe not today or tomorrow, but it will. One day our government will stop making decision in our best interest and start making them in their own. Some will argue that that day has past. I’m not saying we start a revolution, I’m just saying its better to have the right to keep and bare arms and never need to use it, than not have that right and need it. We have been fortunate as a nation not to have to experience the things that other countries are experiencing at this time. To think that we are free from these things would be ignorant. All it takes is a natural disaster…just look to Hurricane Katrina for this evidence. Once people have nothing to lose and no hope…things change. Not all guns and the people who use them, use them for bad…but when it knocks on your door…I myself would like to have the ability to repel it.

In the end, this Rant and Rave…I would say this; We as a people need to stop teaching our children its okay to lose and start teaching them how to win…. By “win” I mean not only in sports, but in life! To win in both, we need to give 100% all the time and if you don’t, you will end up short. You won’t get the “trophy” you won’t graduate, you won’t go to college and you won’t be a doctor, lawyer, business owner, or any other career that leads to happiness and a successful life. Not everyone wins…What’s important though is that you do give that 100%…it might not always pay off but eventually it will in other ways.

I say, we could all stand to be a little Politically Incorrect! 


By Tim

7 comments on “Go “F” Yourself! You Politically Correct Douche Bag! (if I haven’t already offended you, read on)

  1. Who gives a shit? If they’re offended, then they’re too sensitive and they need to man (or “woman” up to keep it PC). We’re raising generations of wusses and androgynous kids.

  2. Like the article. I’m sick and tired of all these cry babies. A 49er says his opinion and he gets hell. We shouldn’t discriminate but we don’t have to like it. All these homos make a big deal out of stuff. If a Christian says what they think it’s bad but a homo says what they want and it’s good. Freedom is freedom all around. If they don’t like someones opinion too bad. PC is censorship.

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