I Always Wanted To Live On A Boat

I’ve always wanted to do that…live on a boat. I’ve even worked it all out, what I’d need. I’d first have to down size…a lot. If you’ve ever seen my closet and my 3…yeas 3 dressers full of clothes. I never throw anything out. I have clothes I wear, clothes I don’t…but might some day, clothes for working out, clothes for working around the yard. then I have clothes just for sentimental value…a concert shirt, and old favorite shirt etc. Now about the shoes…Old new and wore the F out…I don’t know why I don’t through out old shoes??? Oh yes! the coats…coats to me are like shoes are to women. I don’t know why I have so many coats except to say this…they look cool! Again, I have coats I bought that I never wear…I just liked the way they looked. If you’ve ever seen me in the winter, I usually just wear and old Columbia Fleece…I know it’s not North Face! I’m not a big fan of North Face…they look good and I know everyone has one…I think they are too warm. I like to stay warm but I don’t like to get hot. If I wear a jacket into a bar, I don’t like to take it off…I’ll forget it. My Columbia is light enough to keep me warm outside and not too hot inside.

I could live this life

Okay, now that clothes are out of the way…almost! Pants and shorts…covered, I don’t have too many of them…normal I would think. I do however have the largest collection if socks and underwear…All wearable!  I’m a firm believer in…you can never have enough of these two items. You can always get an extra day out of a pair of pants…not socks or underwear!

Okay…now onto why I’d like to live on a boat. Besides from it being freakin cool…I like the atmosphere around boats. It seems simple, relaxing. I picture waking up and standing on the edge of the boat looking over the harbor…saying good morning to a boater as they pass by as I’m drinking my morning coffee. I’d be wearing Khaki shorts or pants depending on the time of year, a white t-shirt or hoodie and either flip-flops or boat shoes (blue and white). My boat would have to have a shower and a kitchen on it…I don’t like public showers and I like to cook. I would also need a grill nearby…you can’t beat a good steak or hot dog… https://timhon.wordpress.com/2011/06/08/ask-me-about-my-weiner-too/ either way I don’t want to eat out every night. My boat would be docked in a marina that has a store and a nice bar and restaurant. This way I could drink near by or on the boat if I chose to do so. Like normal, I would know all the patrons of both and they me. I’m thinking the owners and I would be good friends and they would walk by the boat in the morning and toss me the paper or come aboard for coffee.

I’m not sure where this boat would be though. I’ve heard of people living on boats year round in the north, but I think somewhere in Florida or California most likely. I would think my boat should be at least 30 foot in length…to give me enough room to live. I would certainly like a much larger boat, but 30 foot seems doable. i think I would also have to start liking fish…but that doesn’t seem doable! I’m not a fish fan! I like to fish…maybe I can fish and then just give them away. I would also need a regular bed, not the converted table or couch.

Something to work on I guess. Maybe after the girls are all out of school…well if I don’t find something/one to keep me in a house 🙂


By Tim

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