My Friend Asked Me For Relationship Advice….Ha ha!

I know…Me! I still don’t know why or how he thought I’d be the person to ask such advice. I’m thinking maybe because I’ve had a shit load of them…I guess he figured that if he listened to my advise and did the exact opposite…his would work then 🙂

This is definitely (why is it every time I try to spell that word I end up spelling defiantly…just a question) going to be a short Blog…I think that if I would give someone advice on relationships it would go something like this;

Disclaimer….you are about to take relationship advise from someone who’s never had a successful one!

Try to take your time…you don’t have to rush into anything (I know I have this problem following this rule)

Don’t be a jerk or a douche! 

Don’t try to make something work if you know it’s not going to…again guilty

Try to be yourself

Absolutely don’t think you’re going to change them

Absolutely don’t think you’re going to save them…they either don’t need it or don’t want it…and you’re a douche thinking they need it!

If they have children…remember they come before you

Listen Listen Listen Listen!….To Her!!!!!!

Do things they want to do

If you get to the point where children get involved….be sure to include will show them you’re not afraid…and then don’t be afraid

Never…Ever…lay your hands on them in anger!

Be honest

At some point you are going to have to tell them how you feel…be prepared that they may not feel the same

If you are lucky enough to find the right one…let them know it every day of your life!

Hold Her Hand!



By Tim

2 comments on “My Friend Asked Me For Relationship Advice….Ha ha!

  1. I like holding hands 🙂 I’m pretty sure I wrote a Blog about that if you haven’t read it…look in my archives . Thanks for reading 🙂

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