I Love The Way You Smell

Like music, the scent of something or someone is a time stamp in my head. I smell something and it takes me back to when I first smelled it…it reminds me of the time the place the person. It’s lying at the beach smelling the water as it crashes on the sand and remembering all the times you had there as a kid. It’s smelling the salt water of the ocean and it suddenly takes you back to the first time I surfed..that didnt go so well. Its stepping off the plane in San Diego taking a breath and smelling the Southern California air and thinking of a life time ago when things were simpler…carefree.

The smell of something or someone is a memory like the touch and feel of a persons hair, the smooth touch of a brand new car the feel of your favorite leather chair. It’s the warm feeling you get when your senses come together to bring that perfect moment back to mind. The smell that makes you want that feeling to last forever…its the smell of your perfume. I’ll pass someone and the scent of their perfume brings back a memory a thought a feeling. I still remember everyone I’ve ever been with…I remember how they smelled what they wore how they felt. All it takes is their scent to fill the air again.

I’ll wake up sometimes and I can smell a dream …the dream …of you. I’ll roll over and smell you on my pillow. I smell you and for a moment I can see you there I can feel your hair see your face touch your skin. It’s a moment that passes but its real. It’s a perfect moment a perfect memory of you. I’ll wake up and you’re gone but the memory will be with me all day. I love the way you smell the way you feel.


By Tim

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