Do You Craigslist?

Craigslist is an online classified site for those of you who don’t know. They have a link to just about every larger city in your area where people can sell or give away anything and everything…and I mean anything….

I use Craigslist all the time. It’s like a online garage sale; just last week my mower finally gave in…the deck rusted through. I just went on Craigslist and in two or three minutes I found the very same brand and model (self-propelled Snapper) for sale. The seller had listed his number with the option to call or text…since I’m a modern man and somewhat tech savvy, I opted for the text. He still had it and was asking $100, A fine price for an excellent running machine I thought. I had told him that I have the very same model…the engine still starts with one pull, the deck just rusted through…would he be interested (I had no need…and thought what the hell). He said he’d take $25 off his mower in exchange. WINNING!!!!!!

I’ve bought all kinds of stuff on craigslist…I’ve found desks, dressers and beds (not the mattress). ..I got all those for free! Last year I bought a Maytag dishwasher for $100 (Brand New Condition)…from someone who just didn’t need the birthday gift from their daughter. Craigslist though just isn’t for shopping or to sell your unwanted or needed items…It’s sometimes entertaining…just click on the Rants and Raves section. You can find the overpriced collectibles, the unbelievable price on a car (watch out here…scammers too). You can even find stuff you never knew you needed. Either way, I head to Craigslist at least once a week to see what I can’t live without.


By Tim

One comment on “Do You Craigslist?

  1. I tried really hard to buy a banjo on Craigslist, but it kept falling through. I have used it for housing opportunities and looking for roommates, though. It worked out fairly well.

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