Ask Me About My Weiner!

I know I said I would not get political, but come-on.! Anthony Weiner is on 24 hours a day on every news channel from CNN, MSNBC to Fox News. Does anyone care that he may have sent a text or Tweeted is weiner to a girl. I think we have a lot more important things to discuss than this. I know there are a lot more on my table than the weiner of Weiner!  So what if he did…maybe he’s just trying to get laid. You can’t knock him for trying 🙂 maybe you can…after all he is a politician. I’m more upset about the picture to the right than I am of the one below…he looks like he’s going to peck you with that beak!

I don’t really see why the news or people in general have to make a big deal out of this. I can’t imagine it’s effecting how he does his job. I mean if I sent a picture of my weiner to you, do you really think it effects how much product I ship out today or my knowledge of Salsa or Sauerkraut…my day job. Why do we have this big obsession with this. When the thing happened with Bill Clinton years back…did it really affect the way he ran the country? Our politicians need to get over themselves and remember why they are there. They are there solely to represent our ideas and the ideas of the district in which they represent.

Public service use to be just that…service! One would enter into this life for 1 term and when he/she was done with their service, return to their normal life. They should be everyday men/women, all walks of life…not just the rich who only represent their own and the ideas of their friends who help get them elected. Everyone’s always so caught up in…are you a Republican? Are you a Democrat?  Hell neither one of these groups represent us. If you think they care about what happens to you and I, then you are just helping fuel the problem….ask yourself…When was the last time they helped you or someone in our community…without helping themselves?

The problem with our society is that everyone’s out for themselves. Everyone likes to admit they want to be helpful, but then no one helps. Everyone says they care about their neighbor but then says I’m not helping someone who can’t help themselves. I realize we have big problems and in big cities they have even more. There is always going to be these kinds of problems. People complain about National Healthcare and I’m not going to pay for your healthcare…people complain about welfare and say they’re all just lazy and we’d be better off without it. I think the real problem here is that we’ve been the worlds healthcare and welfare system for too long. Its time to stop spending money in other countries and start taking care of ours for a while.

The money we’ve spent on these two wars along could pay for healthcare for everyone one of us. You complain about welfare….you don’t want to give that money to your neighbor because he might take advantage of the system…So you’d rather give it to Iran and Afghanistan and Pakistan and the 1000 other countries we give aide to. These countries who harbor the very people who kill our people around the world.

I know I’m on a rant today…but come’on it’s just a penis! I know it sounds like I’m all for national healthcare and a welfare system…the fact is that I’m really not..exactly. I believe our cost on healthcare are too high for the average person to afford it. A few months ago my daughter got rushed to the hospital because she collapsed at school…turns out she was okay…thank someone! I have health insurance, and it still cost me over $400. Now you might say that’s not too bad…but I can certainly tell you that I didn’t have it in my pocket…I’m also saying it shouldn’t be free….but I pay….just under $200 a month for my portion of my healthcare and my employer pays the other portion….and I still had to pay more! You ask why our county is in trouble…..its looking right at you! I know there are people who take advantage of our welfare system and I don’t like it. What are you going to do to those people if you don’t help them? Put them in Jail? Watch them starve to death? Either one on those ideas are going to cost more than the alternative. I don’t have the answer either, but all the money we are sending all over the world could help us here.

My daughter is getting ready to enter her senior year in high school, then college. The average state college tuition is $16,000 a year…that’s $64,000 over 4 years. How she going to buy a house and raise a family with that kind of debt? My first house cost me and my wife $50,000 in 1995, we could barely afford it and raise a family. If we would have had student loans too…we’d had to live with our parents.

We’ve got kids dying from Cancer in our community….DYING!!!! All this and we’re worried about a fucking dick!!!


By Tim

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