Van Ness’s Time Out Survival Guide

A Second in the series of Fremont Bar Survival Guides; Time Out for short….another of my favorite local hangouts. Time Out is owned and operated by the Van Ness Family, Dennis (Denny), Joan and son Dean. Time Out is Fremont’s well-known secret. A great place to get a good meal and visit with family and friends. To survive a night here, you simply just have to leave early. A task not easily done!

Time Out is a place once you walk inside, you feel like home. One look down the bar and you see the familiar faces of the patrons and you know you might not get out of there on time. It’s a place to listen to local high school (Fremont Ross or Fremont St Joe) sports and even keep score on the REAL scoreboard…complete with working buzzer! A place were the Ohio State Buckeye flourish, a place were the local sports Hero is remembered and celebrated. A place where memorabilia decorate the walls like the hall of fame.  A place were Coaches come after the game to celebrate or discuss the trials of the game amongst friendly faces. A place where you can get a Fried Bologna Sandwich (The Score Board) or a Steak…both grilled to perfection. Every night is a dinner special that will delight. Wednesday Wing Night and Friday Ribs or Walleye to name a few.

Time Out is a place were the Business Men/Women come to unwind after the battles of the day. You can always get caught up on the towns news and try the latest and trendy drink concoctions. Its a place were nickname’s are used like Double D, Bluey, The Nossman, Doc, JuJu, Food Guy or Hank. A place were friends come to dine, drink and play, and play I mean a friendly game of Deal’ems.

Deal’ems is a simple drinking game with a local legend first played by the local high school state qualifying golf team of the 70’s that has stood the test of time. The coveted goal here is to have your name and results recorded on a tiny broom and dust pan that hang on the wall for all to see….this is done when you complete “The Sweep” of your opponent.  Like most drinking games though, it’s a game of no winners.

So if you’re in the area and you’re hungry for a great meal and great  friendship….find your way over to the corner of Stone and Lime Streets where you’ll find both in abundance of what you’re looking for.


By Tim

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