The Depot Survival Guide

A first in a series of Fremont Bar Survival Guides (as seen through my eyes…and my eyes aren’t that good 🙂  Since The Depot Pizza and Tavern is one of my favorite spots to get a beer in Fremont, Oh I thought I’d Blog about how to survive a night at this Hometown Night Spot.

First of all if you’ve never been to The Depot, I’m not sure where you’re from but it’s probably not Fremont, Ohio. Anyway The Depot is owned and operated by my friends Brent Gallagher and Ed Wilson along with their wives Kelly G. and Sherry W. The Depot takes its name from what the building once was…a Train Depot. I’m not sure exactly when this train depot was last in operation, but there are pictures on the wall of what it once was. Once inside, you can look around and see what and how it operated…the original structure is mostly in tact…even the brick paved patio that’s covered with picnic tables is actually where you would wait for your train. The Depot is also home to the Famous Depot Pizza…4 time Peoples Choice Award for the Best Pizza in Sandusky County!!! Only 4 time you ask??? The contest is only 4 years old!

Now that you have some history in there, I promised you a survival guide. First of all, you should know that Ed and Brent are pranksters…It’s not a far off bet that someone might taste a little hot sauce on the top of their beer bottle once in a while. I try to make it a habit of wiping the top of my bottle before I drink…if I had left it unattended that is 🙂 (let me tell you how unwise it is to leave your drink un-attended) it is! Another great tip is never drink anything that Ed or Brent don’t fully explain how it was made. By not heeding this warning, you could be subject to the O’l Mexican Standoff (Chili Beer and a Shot of El Toro Tequila…drop shot and drink)…yes I said Chili Beer…it actually has a Chili in the beer bottle. You might also be wary of a warm shot of Wild Turkey that may appear from time to time. I’ve said many times I should have brought my shot gun…and had a Turkey Shoot. If you hear the words “Three Wise men” they’re not talking about Me, Foosy or Bobby either…even though we are. Also, beware the “Screaming Nazi” or his brother “The Flaming Nazi” both of these vomit inducing concoctions may leave you with good breath (peppermint), the next few moments will not be as pleasurable.

I would be re-missed if I didn’t at least admit that I too am part of the problem….if you here the tap tap tap of the quarter, the non-experienced should be running now…just like there is no crying in baseball…there are no fake taps at The Depot!!! Break this rule and it’s a Penalty Shot! To explain this simple bar game, you need only to grab a quarter and join the fun. Simply tap flip catch and show…you could be a winner…although its actually a game of no winners.

With all this said The Depot is a place where you have your first beer and your last. The crowd on any given night could be that of a newly 21-year-old on his/her birthday to your grandfather and best friends. It’s a place where young an old mix… a place were society has no boundaries. A place to simply have a good time…meet new and old friends. A place where you can walk in the door and people yell your name, a place where once inside the door a look to the left and you see the familiar group in the corner…A place to live and laugh.


By Tim

4 comments on “The Depot Survival Guide

  1. TRUE!

    I had my first (legal) drink in Fremont there. And I hope to have my last. That said, I’ve never played Quarters…

    Luckily with the Depot, there’s always next time!

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