I’m Glad The World Didn’t End Last Week

I can say without a doubt, that I’m glad that the world didn’t end last week. This year has seen a lot of ups and downs, I would have to say that I’m in the up column again…for the moment…Kinda 🙂 There are a lot of reason I could say I’m glad…mainly though because I’ve got a few things left I want to accomplish…namely my GOAL!!!!!. I’d also like to see my girls graduate college, get married and have a family of their own…someday. I would have to say though if the world had ended last week, I would have gone out on a high note. Since the world didn’t end, I must thank someone for the following things that have gone right these past couple weeks.

I’m thankful for;

The break in the rain, so that I could mow my lawn

My friends and family

For the start of summer

That school is out….soon (save $$$ for lunch, supplies, fees etc)

Last night and every night since my birthday 🙂

That the boat didn’t sink or that it started and we didn’t get stranded on Erica and Mike’s first voyage

For my brother from another mother Mike who proposed to Malinda

For Malinda for saying yes and not making it an awkward ride home on the boat (had                                                                                      she said no)

To the guy who sold me my new mower….it works great…got to love Craigslist

That you are still reading this lame Blog

Well the week passed and it didn’t end…I bet that guy feels like a jackass!!! hopefully the jokes not on us. I think maybe instead of so many people focusing on the fact that it was going to end,….maybe they should have been focusing on how we’re going to save it. Either way, I’m glad we’re all still here…well most of us anyway 🙂


By Tim

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