Things You Miss About Home…Like Bounce And Tide

I’d have to say thanks to Erica and Amanda for this blog idea….but there is a new twist to missing home. It’s the story I guess all young men can relate to when leaving home and venturing out on their own. Now me, I didn’t really venture out on my own more than I did venture into the Marine Corps. So yea you guessed it…I managed to tie another Marine Corps story in to this blog.

I missed my Mommy;

I miss all the things she did but of all the things you miss about home and this blog could go on forever about this subject, I missed the way my mom did my laundry. You see when you’re a young man and out on your own…whatever your path may be. You don’t always pick up all those things about the domestic chores from your mom. You see when I was 18, I could change my oil, pull an engine or build a house, but ask me to do my laundry….I was dumb founded. My mom always did that for me…hell she still would if I let her….thought to self take laundry to mom’s this weekend… :). While in bootcamp though, we had to wash our own clothes, but we didn’t get to use washing machines…no way. We had a scrub brush and a bottle of Wisk and a garden hose. Things got much easier though after bootcamp or so I thought….well at least I didn’t have someone yelling at me while I was washing my clothes.

This is what I figured out on my own about laundry…good or bad they were clean but not always the same colors in which they began. As a Marine, you wanted to conserve as much money for the weekend so you topically spent little on things like laundry detergents. After a time you forget the little things. So what you end up with is clean clothes but they just didn’t seem the same as when mom did them. Then one day I met a girl…well a lot of days I did, but this one I kept around for a while. We in fact moved into an apartment together…if you read my previous blog…”With a Tear….Click link if you haven’t little girl number one came into my life here. Anyway, back to the tail…She started washing my laundry. I remember putting my clothes on (by clothes I mean Marine Corps running shorts and green t-shirt) to head to base to get ready to run 5 miles with the platoon…I remember that smell, the smell of freshness….the smell of home my mom.

I showed up to formation at 0600 or 6:00 am for you civilians. Standing at attention I heard it…the Marines all around me sniffing…thinking to myself …what are they doing. Then it came to me…they were sniffing ME! I felt like the “Prison Bitch” They were trying to figure what that smell was. What they were smelling was Tide…Bounce…Home!!!!!

Let’s just say from then on, I made sure that I washed my shorts and t-shirts and uniforms….Kassie washed everything else!


By Tim

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