If Today Was Your Last Day

With the world ending tomorrow I thought I’d take a moment and think…what would I do “If today were my last day”. What would I do today that I haven’t done…what do I have left to do….what can  do. Well if you look in my wallet…not much. Aside from all the obvious…hold my girls, tell my mom and dad I love them maybe apologize for all the wrong things I’ve done and celebrate all the right.

If today was my last day, I think I could be pretty pleased with my life. I think as I look back over mine, I’ve done and seen things that take some a lifetime. I’ve lived loved and traveled the world. I’ve done the good the bad and one time…the ugly. I’d have to say that I’ve for the most part lived my life like there’s no tomorrow…at the very least I didn’t plan for it. There are things I’m sorry for, but I wouldn’t change much. If today was my last day, I think I would at least do the following;

I would tell you how I feel

Spend the day outside

I’d have a Miller Lite with my friends

Listen to some music

Call Jim and Tom

Go see Macy

Help somebody

Mow the grass

Play Frisbee

Walk on the beach

Hold a hand

Eat a Good Steak

Put on some shorts

Wear Flip Flops

Tell you I love you

Go Home

There’s probably some things I missed in there, but that pretty much covers it. I’d just spend the day doing what I like. I don’t think I worry about what’s next…is there something next. If today was my last day….I’d live it just like any other day

What Would You Do?


By Tim

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