I Don’t Like The Silent

I hate not hearing anything. I have a radio in my garage, my kitchen and upstairs in my bedroom. I think that if you walk into my house you will hear all of them playing at once. I simply don’t like the silence.

I think it’s worse when you’re alone. I hate sitting in an empty house and hearing nothing but your own breathing. It’s eerie…kinda of like watching a scary movie by yourself or at all (I don’t like scary movies either…they’re scary). I have to change the subject for a minute…scary movies…what’s up with you people who write this shit? I saw a movie a couple of months ago…Silent Hill. It freaked me the F..K out! Who puts a movie on like this, knowing I don’t like scary movies…then falls asleep…thanks Carrie! 

Okay, back to the moment…I don’t know why I don’t like silence…maybe it gives you too much time to think, maybe when you can’t hear anything you make up stuff to hear. It’s like walking alone in the woods….you hear all kinds of stuff that makes you think you’re not alone in the woods. Then you start thinking about what really might be out there. When I was a kid, I use to walk home from my girlfriends house at night and every time I would get to a spot on a street that the light was out, I’d run until I got to the part of the street that was lit. Like whatever evil was in the dark couldn’t follow me into the light. It’s the same with that one creepy house on the block too…run past it! Maybe that’s why I have to sleep with some kind of light on…I’m afraid of the dark…and the silence. I’ve come up with a fix for this though…I sleep with the TV on…sound and light!

Okay back to scary movies….they can be fun…sometimes. I won’t voluntarily watch a scary movie, but if you want to watch one, I’m not going to pussy out and not watch…but you had better stay awake for it. I on the other hand will fall asleep if you turn the lights off…not because I’m scared, but because after 8:30, you turn the lights off and you want me awake, the TV better not be the only thing getting freaky 🙂 just saying. I think that’s automatic with me…turn TV on, light off and I get sleepy. So here lies the scary movie trick with me…you put it on, leave light on, and sit beside me….Tim’s guide to scary movie date night. Oh ya…don’t pick a movie that the villain just keeps coming back after you shoot him 10 times…Its just going to piss me off.


By Tim

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