What’s Your Sign

Relationships are hard…they’re hard to start, hard to finish, to accomplish. When I was in grade school, they were easy…easy as I like you, do you like me circle yes or no. In high school, you just had your friend asked the question…then you knew the answer. Today, you can be with someone for months and still never know the answer to that question.

What does it take to be in a relationship, when is it a relationship? If you ask me, it’s the moment one or both of you expect something from the other. It’s the moment you say “can you get me a gallon of milk on your way here”, it’s the moment you say “don’t go out with your friends, stay here with me” and it’s well before the moment you tell someone you love them.

I wish people came with signs. They could wear them on their chest or on a card that they have to show you when you meet. The signs would reflect who and what they want or something that alerts you to how you approach them. Something like; I’m emotionally closed off because of my past relationships or I hate being alone so I just want to marry you or anybody, or I will lead you on and on and on and then and I’ll even get mad if you go out with someone else, but I’m never going to commit to anything (I know that’s a big sign…). If we all had signs, we could just weed our way to the sign that reads; I really want to meet you and find out about all your hopes and dreams. Or, I think you’re interesting and fun, we should take the time to get to know each other. This way we could all just find the right person, without all the trouble and pain. I know it’s suppose to be hard, I just wish it was a little easier…I wish there was a sign that reads; I’m the right one.

Here are some other signs I’ve seen or heard of that you might want to weed through;

I’ve got a shit load of kids, enter at your own risk

I have no job or ambition in life except to have you take care of me

I will fake a pregnancy just to keep you around then fake an abortion

I will use my child to make you love me

I just want to hurt somebody, anybody…because I’ve been hurt

I’ve had a shitty life and you owe me

I know it sounds like I’m doing a lot of bashing and that’s not my intention. I know we all have baggage that sometimes gets in the way…I just wish we could put it down a little more often. I’m just trying to say, it shouldn’t have to be this hard. Most of these signs I speak of, I’ve not encountered all myself. I’ve gotten a lot from others and to be fair and equal, you should get to read my signs….

 I’m not as responsible as I should be

I sometimes drink too much

I don’t know what I want

I can be difficult to understand

I’m not always as happy as I seem and may take it out on you

The sign though that I hope  would be on top should read; I had a good time, I like you and I want to learn more about you. Along the way I’m going to make a lot of mistakes but I’m going to keep on trying to find you, find the person you are and I hope that takes a lifetime. I know that’s a big sign…but I’ve got room to wear it.

What sign will you wear?


By Tim

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