I Love Your Hand

Again, I’m writing about my favorite topic…Women. I thought about what it is that I like about these (you) beautiful creatures that have captivated and confused the hell out of me for most of my life. By know from reading some of my early Blogs you know my stance on this subject, but here is something new…

When it comes to women, I’m kind of like a teenage boy with his first girlfriend. Most of the time just standing near you makes me all crazy and jittery. I can’t do much else other than smile … a lot and laugh. Don’t get me wrong, I know how to act and I think I do pretty good most times, but its the things you don’t know…don’t see, the things that I’m feeling that you might miss.

I love being with you! I don’t care what it is we’re doing…watching a movie, walking down the street, shopping or eating a taco. I just love being around you. The one thing though, the thing that I like best is holding your hand. I think it’s this act, that really says a lot. To me it says I like you…I want to be with you and I want you to know this. When I hold your hand, I feel every part it…your fingers, your palm, the back of your hand, that little spot between your fingers right as it meets the rest of your hand (I think my favorite). I can’t keep my hand still in yours. I discover things about you, maybe things that someone else doesn’t know. I feel your gentleness, your vulnerability, I feel your flirtyness (I know that’s not a word…it fits though). What I feel here is how I proceed with you. It tells me where we are going. It tells me if you’re the one or the one I should walk away from, or the one I should run from. It tells me if you’re like me….do you like to have fun, are you adventurous, are you strong, gentle, do you want to be happy… do you want all the things in life I want. Does your hand feel like mine…do you feel like me.

I know you maybe reading this and thinking what the hell is Tim doing…I know I’m weird…but then again, we’ve probably never held hands.


By Tim

2 comments on “I Love Your Hand

  1. Favorite post yet. Seriously. I’m a hand addict. Everything I know about a person is because of their hands–until I talk to them anyway, and learn more. But it always goes back to the hands.


    Care if I steal this for tomorrow’s post? The idea of hands?



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