To All The Women I’ve Loved Before

I had to have a follow-up to the “Women I’ve Scorned Before”

I found this a long time ago and I believe it to be true….Being loved by someone gives you strength its loving someone though that gives you courage.

To all the women I’ve loved before; I can still smell the scent of your perfume. I remember the soft feel of your hair as it passed through my fingers. I remember the way your skin felt beneath my touch. I remember the sounds you make as I lay awake to see you sleep. I remember how you smile and unfortunately how you cry. I remember the eggs you like and how you take your coffee,  and I’ll never forget how you like your tacos. I remember these thing about each of you, the things that made me smile, the things that made me laugh, the things that made me cry. I remember these things because I love you.

I often wonder the difference between like and love. When to do one and then the other. What is love. When does it happen or does it happen at all. I think that most time love is at the beginning. The moment you meet, the moment she says “hi”, the moment she returns a smile. I believe it’s this moment, the moment your hearts starts beating faster, the moment the thoughts in your head can’t seem to match the words in your mouth. I believe love is at this first sight. Love has to start here…. I think love is first then we like. I think it takes love to want to try to like. I think its love that makes you take the steps to move forward, to put forth the effort, to put yourself though all that you know in the past has failed. Myself, I wouldn’t go through all that for just like.

I think it’s love that gives you the courage to like.


By Tim

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