The Top 10 Reasons You Should Sleep With Me

I just thought that would be a funny name for this blog today 🙂 Apparently so did you because you got this far!  With that in mind, I thought for a moment of why it is that I have the friends I have. I’ve come up with some thoughts and so I share them with you now.

The Top 10 Reasons I Think I Have Friends Like You

10. I’m useful

9. I’m handy

8. I’m friendly

7. I’m willing to do just about anything

6. I’m entertaining

5. I’m funny

4. I’m knowledgeable (most of it useless, but I know a lot of Shit)

3. I’m fairly lucky

2. I’m morally compromisable  (which goes hand in hand with #7)

And the #1 reason I think you are my friend;

1. Oh hell this is crap anyway. I don’t care why you like me. I’m just grateful to have as many friends as I do. I’m thankful that out of all the people you could share your time on earth with, you chose to do so with me. I will give you this though….I am pretty fun to hang with 🙂

I like to think that I would do anything for a friend….the old saying…”A friend in need, is a friend indeed”. I believe this to be fact. I think by helping people we all become closer, if not for just a moment. Without a friend in need, sometimes I would just have to sit around my own house….what fun is that. I would rather go help build a deck, cut down a tree, dig a hole, fix a car, build a car. As long as I can do these things with a friend, my life will have some purpose…if not just for a day.

The title actually has some relevance….not about sleeping with each other, but getting to know each other. You see to me, you go through almost the same process when you meet a girl or a guy (with a slight difference)…am I attracted to this person, do they make me laugh, smile, are they entertaining, are they nice. Could I really spend the rest of my life with them (because that’s really the questioned that needs answered). I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl that once I’ve answered these questions, I didn’t think to myself, what if she is the one? I don’t think I’ve ever met a guy that I didn’t think…is he someone that I could watch a game with, have a few drinks with, build a deck with. If you can answer these things favorably, then the world just became a better place.

I go through this process every-time I meet someone, because you never know…you just might wake up the next day and find that you have just met  a new friend, a best friend, or the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with. So the next time you’re bored with nothing to do, lets build a deck….a friendship, a life!


By Tim

3 comments on “The Top 10 Reasons You Should Sleep With Me

  1. Okay, I have to tell you that I skipped straight to the list after reading the title of the blog, and I bet the list still applies. Reasons to Sleep With Tim:
    9. I’m handy
    7. I’m willing to do just about anything
    2. I’m morally compromisable (which goes hand in hand with #7)

    Ha ha ha! I THEN went back up and read the beginning, because some of them just didn’t make sense as reasons to sleep with you.

    • Needless to say the title came first but I couldn’t think of what to write without sounding like a big Douche! 🙂 But like everything I write, I don’t really know what its going to be about until I get done

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