Have You Seen My Daughter with My Credit Card?

My daughter showed up at my work this morning and asked me for my credit card. She never returned. Now before you call out the Police, let me say that she just had a doctors appointment and I didn’t have cash in hand. This made me start to think about how much kids actually cost.

You see my oldest daughter Danielle lives with me. Danielle is a beautiful teenager of 17 years (in about a week). She is one of two beautiful offspring that I’ve been happy to produce (that may be another blog at a later date). I was trying to figure out where the hard earned money that I had work for had gone. I’ve come up with this summation; I have a teenage daughter! When Danielle came to live with me two years ago I thought to myself, what am I going to do with all this extra money I will have from not paying child support? Well Danielle had an answer to that.

This is prom season. Only god knows why she wants to buy her wedding dress now ( its not really a wedding dress nor does it look like one but in my mind the cost is very similar). Apparently “The Prom” is as important to a teenage girl as “The Wedding” is to a grown women. Now those of you who have read my first Blog “What Tim Doesn’t Know about Women” this would come to no surprise. Something else that came as a big surprise is that you just can’t go to J.C. Penny and pick one out. You see throughout my life if I needed anything from underclothes to t-shirts to a suite, my mom always took me to J.C. Penny. Little did I know that wedding dresses…er…”Prom Dresses” now come from PromGirl.com. Look it up…I had to. What did my sister do when she was in high school with out “Prom Girl” ?

Children have a hidden cost that we all pay. It starts when they are young and I would guess we pay that cost until the day we leave this earth. The cost I speak of is our heart. You know this cost if you have children, we feel this cost the first time we see them in the delivery room. We feel this cost with their first cry, steps, and tooth. We feel this when they go to school, when they come home from school holding that first “A”. We feel it when they win or lose, when happy or sad. We see this cost with their first car and feel it when they drive off and when they return. The cost is a skipped beat, a tear, a sigh. Its fear that will they make the right decision, did I. Is that a safe car, is she going somewhere to far.

I’ve learned this in the 17 years of having children. I will never know all I can know about them. My best advise is to love them with every oz of energy you have. Worry about them all day and teach them the things your parents taught you. Show them the world if you can and teach them even more. If you’ve done these things, you have to let them live. Let them live and hope they have taken a little of these things in. But most of all be there when they fall, when they get hurt, when they need someone and even when they need a “Prom Dress”.


By Tim

3 comments on “Have You Seen My Daughter with My Credit Card?

  1. I’m lucky enough to have incredible parents who did without a lot of the time so that we could have extra. And that’s with everything. I am incredibly thankful for them, and for parents like you who have that insight. Not all kids are so lucky.

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